Thursday, April 20, 2006

your hands are mine to hold

I am waaaaaaaaaay to predictible and it's starting to tick me off. Last night I sat Mr. G down and told him I had something
important I needed to talk to him about. Something I wanted to get off my chest because it was making me feel incredibly guilty.
I said, "I've been cheating on you."
INSTANTLY he said, "I knew it! I knew it! You've been sneaking diet Pepsi, haven't you?" Damn it!
I'm like, "WHAT?! Is it soooo inconceivable that I just have been *might* be talking about a GUY?"
And he said, "Nah, you're home too much for that."
It was killing me, though, because we promised each other we were going to take this healthy eating
seriously. All I did was take ONE GLASS of D.P. at work and I was hooked all over again.
If the soda industry had any smarts at all, they'd raise diet soda to $2 or $3 a
two liter because it's every bit as addicting as drugs. Yeah one of these
days we'll see dopers on the corner offering crack, meth or diet Pepsi.
Now, on top of being boringly predictible, I have to wean myself off that frigging soda again!!

I was reading the advice column on MSN and some people just amaze me. One chick said she had been
dating this guy a short time and they had recently 'become intimate,' and she was upset by the fact that
he always keeps his eyes closed. This was the part that had me chuckling. She said she'd like to
ask him about it, but "I feel that since we have only just started dating, it will be awkward." She's comfortable
enough to have sex with the guy but talking about intimacy is "awkward"?!
I think feelings like this often arise because so many women are indulging in casual sex.
The physical act becomes easier than the emotional intimacy.

Once again South Park sucked. It started out with so much promise.
Unfortunately that promise only lasted
about five minutes. Towelie, the character that's always getting high wrote a book called "A Thousand Little Fibers"
an obvious play on Frey's book "A Thousand Little Pieces."
Matt and Trey have taken a really funny show and turned it into
their own political sounding board and it reeks. Before their criticisms were subtle, clever and funny, and voiced via the character's personality. Now they're using the characters to reflect their dissatisfaction over different issues, such as censorship and it's coming off as sermonizing.
This week they took a shot at Oprah and James Frey. Totally un-funny stuff.

I was reading an article about copyrighting on the Internet because apparently what is really big now is people stealing ENTIRE BLOG CONTENT and claiming it for themselves. When South moved my site to a new server about three years ago, I began putting copyright statements on all my articles. Hasn't stopped some people from taking what they want, but one person said they felt the only way around this was to delete old blogs and keep hard copies of everything. I believe in keeping hard copies of everything. I even have copies of my journals because believe it or not, I've seen some of my posts on other people's blogs and it always flabbergasts me that they would steal a paragraph or two and post it as their own. I'm like, "WTF?! Get a mind already and use it." The first time it happened was almost comical. I just happened upon this person's LJ and I began reading his posts and I got to this one paragraph and I thought, "This is odd. It sounds familiar to me." DUH. I wrote it! Now a LOT of stuff I write, I can't even recall. Like if you took a paragraph from my first online journals five years ago, it might not ring a bell, which is why I do keep hard copies of my online writings.
But to start deleting stuff is just beyond ridiculous. You can't stop writing because you're terrified that at some point, people might steal your stuff.
Hell, I'd go insane if I had to stop writing. All those words bottled up in my brain would be the death of me;)

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