Saturday, April 15, 2006

when everything is wrong we move along

This story ticks me off. The reason it ticks me off is NOT because she's an old woman who
got ticketed, but because she DESERVED to be ticketed and is going to get out of paying a fine simply
because she's old. If she was 22 or 32 or 42 you wouldn't even be reading her story. I think the cop did
exactly the right thing, he was doing his job. She says she started when the light was white, but the police say she started
to cross when the light was blinking red. Now she knows that she's walking slower than younger people,
which is even MORE of a reason to wait for the white "walk" sign.
Pay up and admit to your mistakes, grandma. It's the MATURE thing to do.


Am I just overly hungry for chocolate or is Hershey's suddenly making

their big candy bars four feet long and five feet wide?? And I'm fairly certain
they were screaming, "EAT ME!! EAT ME!!" when I passed them in the drug store
a few minutes ago....

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