Wednesday, April 19, 2006

today pt deux

I heart it when the sex is just clicking along with Mr. G and myself.
Nothing makes me crankier than when we're sexually out of sync. Luckily we are soooooooooooooooo in sync the last couple of weeks.
*Goddess is one happy (satisfied) camper*

Hmm, South Park pokes fun at the whole James Frey fiasco tonight. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it's FUNNY.
It would make for a refreshing change.

I am still hooked on that doggone song, "Move Along" by the All American Rejects.
(As an aside, I didn't realize they also did the song "Dirty Little Secret".)
I haven't been this hooked on a song since Drew got me hooked on that oldie but
goodie "Kayleigh." Good grief. I played that over and over and---hey, think I'll load it up on the media player.

I going to fix Holly up with this fella.
What's not to love about him? He's well-behaved (unlike her), gorgeous AND he has a good job with a steady income. As an added bonus, he's even got his own car...
Look how nicely he's posing, too. If that was Holly, she'd be chewing the windshield wipers and scratching up the paint. The great thing is they're both black. They won't have to worry about all that interracial couple baggage.

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