Tuesday, April 11, 2006

theres no getting over me

I was reading up on Porsches today. Don't ask me why, I just was. The Porsche
has a TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY horsepower motor. By contrast, my Rio has a NINETY SIX
horsepower motor. No fricking wonder I can't even maintain 35 MPH uphill while running the AC.

Ok, WW informed me the song is Keith Urban's "You'll Think of Me." See? I knew she'd know.

There's a song currently playing on the radio, don't know the name of it, but WW probably does as it sounds a bit country. One line is "take your cat and leave my sweater." When I first heard it, I *thought* the guy said, "take your cat and leave my litter." I'm like "why wouldn't he just let her have the damn litter? It's not going to do him any good now..."

Bugzzz writes: "Don't forget about the striped tube socks pulled all the way up."
LOL. I forgot about those. At least they're "neat."

Gweneyth Paltrow named her new baby Moses. I actually like that name.
I just hope the poor kid wasn't born with a bad sense of direction...

Ok, what is wrong with this picture? My girlfriend asked me where would be a
good place for her to meet guys. ME. Good grief. When I got married Jesus was still in diapers.
I told her if it was me, I'd check out the guys at the local police department.
But I'd avoid dating the ones who had their pictures on the wall.
BWAHAHAHA! See how fun it would be to have *me* as a friend?!
Now here's the thing that mystifies me. She works at WalMart and yet she can't meet anyone.
I would think that would be an *excellent* place to meet people.
You see not just other employees on a daily basis, but a constant stream of male shoppers.

Now that summertime is here the guys are once again sporting one of my favorite
looks: shorts and work boots. But not just *any* work boots, they have to
be unlaced work boots, with the tongue flapping and the shoelaces flopping.
Yes, I find it very attractive in an "I don't know how to dress myself" kind of way.

Oprah had a really good show yesterday, featuring Pink and Karrine Steffans, a former dancer in rap videos. They were talking about women acting stupid to get men to notice them and about how badly the women in the music vids are treated. I've ALWAYS had a problem with guys and more importantly women referring to themselves as sluts or whores, and this was discussed also.
Some women seem to have convinced themselves that slut and whore are synomous with "sexy" or "someone who loves sex" in the dictionary.
Not so. More than likely slut and whore are synonymous with each other.
The dictionary definition of "slut" is 'a slovenly woman, a promiscuous woman', and the definition of "whore" is 'a woman who engages in sexual acts for money, a promiscuous or immoral woman'.
I don't see one positive word in either of those definitions, so why do women do that to themselves?
It's self-denigrating. Why put yourself down? There are enough people in this world who are willing to do it for you, that's no reason you have to follow suit. There's nothing wrong with loving sex, so why use a word that infers there is something wrong with it?
And let me just toss this out there. If a porn actress started to think of herself as a "business woman" instead of a "whore," how much of a difference would that make to her esteem?
I sincerely doubt women like Danni Ashe or Christie Hefner refer to themselves as 'ho's and sluts. And you don't hear the guys in porn degrading themselves. Oh, no, they're "studs." I honestly believe that men are more disdainful of women than ever because WE are more disdainful of ourselves than ever.
If you think you're hot, erotic, exotic, or sexy and you love your sex, say so! Get yourself a good Thesaurus, and don't be afraid to crack it open.
But don't call yourself a "slut" or a "ho" and act like it's something you aspired to and achieved.
I also feel incredibly sad about the fact that women could have so much power, way more than men do in the porn industry, but because they don't believe in themselves or their abilities, they allow the men to have the power over them. The porn industry would not be the "billion dollar industry" the press always claims it to be if it weren't for the hot, sexy women. Yet who has all the power in the industry? The men. There are maybe three or four women who have staked their claim in an industry that is predominantly female. Unbelievable. And I fear the next generation of females are going to be even worse about claiming their independence and intelligence and embracing their sexuality.

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