Thursday, April 06, 2006

she'll take away your pain like a bullet to the brain

As it should be! I am so fed up
with people using the race card to justify their ignorant behaviors.
Here's the funny aspect of this, Tom Delay said, "She has a long history of racism," DeLay, R-Texas, said on Fox News Channel. "Everything is racism with her. This is incredible arrogance that sometimes hits these members of Congress, but especially Cynthia McKinney."
Yes, of all people, Tom Delay would know about the "incredible arrogance" that sometimes hits members of Congress. I don't wish anyone ill will, but I am so glad he was forced to step down. Even when he was arrested, he wore that cocky, smug smile of his.

I love this MSN headline: "MySpace Grows Despite Criticism." Well, duh. The pedophiles who *didn't* know
they could get in touch with young kids there sure as hell do now.

Hmm, so Katie Couric is leaving the Today show and Meredith Viera is leaving The View to take her place?
I think Meredith has the personality but she talks too damn much. All those chicks on The View do. They talk over each other
and that is main reason number 2 as to why I won't watch the show. I stopped watching when they booted Debbie
off the show. That was reason number 1. I thought she was treated badly by the others, especially that bitchy Starr Jones and Barbara Walters.
The point was to have the view of a woman her age, but they talked down to her and refused to validate her opinions,
and that was a major turn off for me.

Eric writes: "So, why do you have so few movies? Is it about pickiness, stinginess, or
what? In my case, I don't have many because I only got my VCR/DVD player
3½ years ago."
Pickiness. I've rarely seen a movie sooo good that I've wanted to see it more than once or own it.
And I have to be truthful, I didn't even buy Prancer. It was a gift, but I have watched it more than once.

Oooo, no! The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance died! Gene Pitney was 65 years old. Sigh.
Most of you reading this will want to go ask Grandma who that was...

A textbook used in New Dehli compares housewives to donkeys, and the chicks come up on the short end of the stick. The book gives the mpression that donkeys are better companions the wife might complain and go home to mother but the donkey will remain loyal to it's owner. Yes, but can you have sex with a donk---never mind. After that book makes the rounds, most of them will HAVE to have sex with their donkeys. Enjoy the blowjobs, fellas. Those are some damn big teeth!
HA. Serves them right for dissin' their women.

Holy cow. I need to sit down for this one. Guess who's getting a divorce less than three months after they remarried? Kim Mathers and Eminem. Darn! He didn't even have time to write and put out a love song to her. Good thing. Saves him the embarrassment.
Here's the funny thing. Her lawyer said the filing caught him "off guard." Well, there's one guy you don't want for an attorney.
Not the sharpest crayon in the box. Maybe this time around Eminem can figure out a new way to fantasize about killing his wife in song.

Yesterday Mr. G asked me if I would stop at the junkyard and pick up rims for the Kia. At almost 10 years old, no friggin way are we buying new ones. I'm sure if the rims are anything like the other Kia parts, they'd probably cost more than the car is actually worth at this point in time. Of course they didn't have any Kia rims, because as we all know Kias self destruct after a certain period of time. But they did have Toyota or Honda rims and they fit, too.
The first thing that struck me as funny was that it took three guys to man the junkyard and
every one of them were filthy at 8:35 in the morning. In their defense, the junkyard had been open for five minutes.
Two of the guys went to the back to get my rims and the third reluctant guy tried to follow but
they made him come back and "handle the phone." Yeah, it was just ringing off the hook.
He shuffles out and stands behind the counter and I'm waiting across from him in this dingy dirty little 2 by 4 of an "office."
The dripping Mr. Coffee was as loud as beating of the Tell Tale Heart.
After doing phone sex for three years, I don't have really problems talking to guys. I can talk to 'em, compliment 'em,
whatever, but it's also apparent to me when a guy is uncomfortable around women. Sometimes you
can get them to open up, sometimes you can't. You just have to find out what interests them. So I began to make small talk,
all of which he answered while looking down at the counter. Guh. Teeth extractions have been more pleasant. After a few minutes,
I just gave up. I felt bad for the guy, though. It was obvious he was really shy, and was
probably hoping I'd leave every bit as much as I wanted to leave.
I figured it would only take them a couple minutes to get the rims and I'd be out of there anyway.
After all, they both went back there. How long could it take?
Then I hear the whirring noise that machine makes when it's unscrewing the lug nuts on tires, and
I'm like, "Son of a BITCH. They are just NOW taking those damn tires off the car
when they were supposed to have the rims removed and ready for me."
I absolutely refused to talk about the weather. I decided to gut out the awkward silence and stare out the window.
Another guy wanders in to get his car INSPECTED--who gets their car inspected at a junkyard?!--and soon
it's three of us standing there looking at the ceiling. There was a clock behind new guy's head and I noted the time.
He cracked under the pressure after just one minute and twenty three seconds and said, "How about that weather?
I never expected to see snow when I woke up this morning." Let me tell ya, it was some of the longest twenty minutes in my life.

Bugzzz writes: "Honey, over here in Ohio, people have been putting plastic easter eggs on trees for years.
And not only trees, but bushes, lampposts and pretty much anything that will fucking stand still."
Hmmm, anything will stand still, eh? I wonder it PETA would complain
if I hung Easter eggs from the flamingo's beak and neck? This is one of those times I miss those delicious
alpacas. I could have made Easter egg leis for around their necks.

I think if a guy's going to screw a chick in a video, the LEAST he can do is take his damn baseball hat off!!!
When I was growing up, my mother always used to say, "A gentleman does NOT wear his hat
in the house, in church or while screwing a chick!"
And that goes double for sunglasses, too!!

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