Tuesday, April 25, 2006

maybe i shouldn't think of you as mine

I stopped in to see Clucker McDucker last night. I want to see what the animal is like before he's totally traumatized beyond repair. I felt sorry for the poor little thing. To live in a trailer where kids are constantly chasing you around screaming, "Clucker! Clucker! Come here!"
It was all I could do not to toss the duck a couple of my Valium.

I was watching one of those police chase shows and the cops pulled a 17 year old girl over for erratic driving. They found out that she was stinking drunk to boot. The trooper cuffed her and locked her into his vehicle and when he went back to deal with her passenger, the idiot climbs into the front seat and drives off with the cruiser! She really made them work to catch her, too, as drunk as she was and while driving handcuffed.

Maury Povich is being sued for allegedly having an affair with one of the producers of his show. Ooooooooooooh,
no wonder there seems to be such a "hard edge" to his and Connie Chung's onscreen relationship. I noticed it
right away a few weeks ago when I saw them together on tv for the first time in a long time.

More when I wake up... this afternoon;)


Frankie B said...

give clucker my best. That duck dude is gonna be beaten up for all his ducky lunch money at ducky school next year.

Goddess said...

LOL...frankly I'll be surprised if he ever makes it to school. I'm thinking he'll be driven to suicide;)

Frankie B said...

that poor muthaclucker