Sunday, April 30, 2006

its got nothing to do with me

Where oh where have I gone wrong with you people???!! Check out this email from Eric:
"Hi Goddess, Had a great time today at the antiwar march in NYC. I saw plenty of
creative signs that you'd probably like, but I'll mention this one: a
button reading "I female orgasm." And what else can one do but
heart it when a hot blonde is wearing it?"
Now I ask you, do you people see ANY mention of the words "I took pics of the NYPD for you" in that email??
None. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
Evidently I have not talked about my love of cops ENOUGH.

Bugzzz writes: "The next time I see a gaggle of our bald, overweight, sweating (not the sexy sweating...I'm talking exhertion sweating) cops, I'll be sure to send photos."
I'll be checking my email every day, thanks.
Everybody SAYS their cops are out of shape, then I go online and find all these gorgeous guys in uniform! They're living *somewhere* damn it.
Speaking of which, one of our grocery stores was robbed last night and I was out there buying cheese. I picked up some of that L of L ya mentioned, turned to look over my right shoulder and there is one of OUR fabulous cops striding down the aisle. Thank God I was wearing my sun glasses. After he passed, I oogled his ass the whole way down the aisle. Oh, and admired him for the fine job he was doing..............filling out the seat of those tight pants.

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