Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i'm walking on sunshine

So today I was scrambling around trying to buy Easter candy. Now I know what you're thinking. "Goddess, seen any hott cops lately?"
Ok, that *other* thing you were thinking. "Goddess, I thought you already bought Easter candy?" Yes, I have. Many times actually.
It's not *my* fault the trailer is full of rats. And that mother rat seems to be the worst.
I had to go to FIVE DIFFERENT STORES until I could find a big enough chocolate rabbit for the family.
Course "the family" will never see it because I'm gnoshing on it right now, but hey, it was the thought that counts,
and I cared enough to drive all over town to find it. BTW, rabbit buttocks are *delish*.

June Pointer, the youngest of the Pointer Sisters has passed away at the age of 52.

I was checking out some links Zal was good enough to post for me, and one was for a
site called Brutal Blow Jobs. One pic showed a guy
fucking a girl's mouth. He had his cock shoved down her throat and was pinching her
nose shut. Now somebody tell me why it has to be like this? I swear, some guys aren't going to be satisfied
until they kill or severely injure a woman.

Mim writes: " I have to agree Goddess it is sometimes so much easier to have guy friends.
Less work Less stress and less well bull shit. Less shopping < which I hate > less talking about emotional girly stuff, less crying
less makeup < not a big fan of makeup > less well just less...
wonder how ungirlie that makes me
I have actually been told I am more like a guy then a girl when it comes to so many things ( except those heart rending sad commercials they play around xmas or as I like to call it mass consumption day) then I bawl like a baby but that is just some weird defect I have.
I refuse to shop with 99% of my female friends they HAVE TO LOOK at every freaking item in the store... EVERY FREAKING ONE
then they cant make up their minds GAH it makes me crazy.
When I shop I am in get what I want and then out. Its planned like a strike team attack
I see the objective purchase it and am back in the car before most girls make it halfway through the store.
Its why I dread going to big sprawling super stores. That much more shite to look at ......
Ok my rant is done for now... can you tell I have been forced into shopping with the girls lately...
LOL...that is EXACTLY how I shop, too, Mim! I stopped going shopping with Female Offspring #1 when she was old enough to drive herself
because it would make me NUTS. I kept walking around going, "JUST ...BUY..SOMETHING!!" And more often than not, she wouldn't.
GF's are worse cause you can't threaten to leave them at the mall if they don't hurry up.

I used the Pur Mineral 4 in 1 foundation and I like it. This is different from Sheer Cover and Bare Minerals in that it's a powder, concealer and finishing powder all in one. So it makes an already fast process even faster. When I first tried it, I wasn't satisfied with coverage. But I've found a little trick that seems to work. I use two different brushes. I put one layer on with one brush, then switch and go over my face again. I've noticed that if your face is even slightly damp from your moisturizer, it won't cover as well, so using two different brushes helps. So far I like the Bare Minerals brushes the best and Sheer Cover are the ABSOLUTE WORST.

I am in an *eggcellent* mood (just a little Easter yolk for you) this morning. I didn't even get
upset when the asswipe municipal bus driver waited until I had almost passed him before pulling
his fucker of a bus out into traffic again. Damn stupid jerk. I didn't even hardly notice, let alone care because,
as I said, I'm in one of those "happy to be alive!!" moods today.

I was driving to work this morning and it hit me; you know who I feel sorry for?
Stupid kids. They don't get a bumper sticker. You never see "Proud Parent of a Child Who is Flunking the Fifth Grade."

Have you noticed that everything with Oprah lately is "huge"? It goes something like this, "I want you to see this next clip.
It's" *insert dramatic pause while she pulls her steepled fingers apart like she's playing an accordian* "huuuuuge."
"Huuuuuge" kind a loses it's meaning after about the 15th time in the same show. And if it's not "huuuuge," it's a "light bulb moment."

I stopped by my gf's house last night because she wanted to "do something." This is the exact reason I don't *like* girlfriends. They always want to "do" things. If it's not that dreaded shopping, it's the even more dreaded cooking.
When I stop by CP's house, we don't do a damn thing. Or at least, I don't. Guys don't feel the need to entertain. If he's on the front porch, we sit there jabbering, if he's in his workshop, we stand around there jabbering. Every once in a while, I'll say, "Wow. That looks *insert proper adjective here*." Be it hard, heavy, tiring...whatevah, but he never asks me to help and I am grateful for that.
So I got to my gf's and guess what she wanted to do? Cook with that gawdawful Pasta Express thing she just bought.
First she wanted to make pasta, but I'm not eating pasta, so she decided on hot dogs.
She said, "Cool! It's only going to take 15 minutes to make the hot dogs!"
I'm like, "FIFTEEN MINUTES?! Are you nuts?! It takes a freaking minute in the mikey!"
Guh. I gotta get more guy friends and less girl friends.

I was watching COPS yesterday--and NOT ONE WORD OF BITCHING!! I haven't mentioned COPS on here since I started my
handy dandy Hott Cops Blogspot, complete with pictures, I might add. Anywho, this woman called the cops to her home because her husband was going nutty and punching his fist through the wall. While they were there they noticed the horrible condition of the kitchen. There were flies and bugs everywhere and it was so dirty the woman had just covered everything up with a blanket. (I'm guessing so the cops wouldn't notice. But the stench was probably a dead give away.) The female cop said, "There's no excuse for that." Ok, let's not be so judgemental, people. Suppose, jussssst suppose that instead of spending time cleaning a kitchen that will only get dirty again anyway, she decided to spend some time on the couch, getting drunk while her young'uns sucked their bottles and watched soap operas, or as I prefer to call it "quality family time". You can't fault her for that.

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