Thursday, April 13, 2006

i wanna soak up the sun and tell everyone to lighten up

I never realized what pressure Mr. G is under. He called me at work today and asked me what I wanted for my birthday.....
which is over a month away. I said, "Why are you asking me *now*?" He said, "Because every time I go shopping,
I keep looking for things you might like. I have no idea what to get you."
The man has only lived with me for twenty five years, how could I possibly expect him to know what I like?
I said, "I'm certain I'll like anything you buy the jewelry store."
To which he replied, "Ok, I'll just go with money and a card...."

Does anybody else think that Haynes commercial where the guys are playing ball in their underwear seems a tad *gay*?
(And when I say *tad*, I mean *hella*)

Except for booze, cigarettes, chocolate, crack, watching COPS and The Young and the Restless, there's nothing
I enjoy more than craft night with the offspring. Last night we dyed Easter eggs for Sunday's big Easter egg hunt. Well it's less
of a hunt and more of a ruse to let me sleep in while the offspring search relentlessly for eggs I haven't even hidden yet.
While we were coloring the eggs, Female Offspring #7 said, "Mommy, what do eggs have to do with Jesus?"
So then I had to explain how Jesus used to raise free range chickens in His spare time...

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