Saturday, April 29, 2006

i love you, is that ok?

So I was reading Frank's letter over on South's page about the fishing trip he took. Frank and
I were locked in mortal combat over who was going to go on the trip.
(Sssshhhh, it's a lie, but it adds drama)
Ok, what concerns me the most about his letter is that not once did Frank mention where he parked his Hoveround.
Not once did he talk about whether South bitched about the skid marks his Hoveround made on the deck. And not
once did Frank mention whether anyone on board lured him from his beloved Hoveround, then grabbed it and dangled it precariously over the edge of the boat to taunt him because damn it, that just sounds like something South would do to me!
It's almost like Frank---and I hate to even think this, let alone SAY it--WALKED everywhere, using his LEGS. WTH?!

Here's a neat little tool to find out if someone is stealing your content.

Ooooooooooo Rush Limbaugh was arrested for being a dope!!!
Oooops, sorry. For HAVING dope.

WHAT?! Are you KIDDING ME??!! This is so WRONG. You don't sue someone when they paddle you. You THANK them!
Granted the baby food and diapers thing is more than a bit weird and disgusting and I'm wondering how in the world they convinced adults to go along with that program,
but what I wouldn't give for a boss who paddled me.....sigh.
I remember reading about this attorney who would spank his secretaries.
Lordy, I still think about it.......................when I'm jilling off.

Well I found out today that bubble wrap and duct tape don't make acceptable knee pads either, according to da law.
Personally I find them extremely comfortable and I don't even use them for biking...

OMG. If Bugzzz hadn't sent me this link, I wouldn't have believed it.
(Pssst. I still didn't believe her) Babs has truly lost her mind.
Starr's not going to like her because Starr doesn't like anyone WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR.
And oh, UGH, it's official cuz they just announced it on the Emmy's.

Speaking of the Emmy's ABC's coverage absofreakingluely SUCKED. As if adding filler wasn't bad enough,
they went outside to the "fan zone" after every winner was announced and to introduce all the nom's for best actor and best actress.

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