Saturday, April 08, 2006

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You'd think Scott McClelland would be a heck of a lot know, from all the side stepping he has to do for Bush.

OMG. The police in Louisiana were looking for a Richard McNair, a convict who escaped from prison. A cop saw him running along railroad tracks and stopped him. He called his dispatcher and even agreed the guy matched the description of the guy they were looking for, but he let him go because the guy played it cool and told him he was working construction in the area. The guy's like, "Nope. I'm no convict." Well, duh!
They showed the entire encounter on CNN this morning. I would have thought when it would have been three HUGE clues for the cop when the guy said he had no identification on him, his name was Robert Jones--how common is THAT?!, and he had no permanent address! Oy.
Must have been a fairly small town cuz the cops on COPS are waaaaay more suspicious.
You just know the cop is never going to hear the end of this.

I was listening to a news story about the "quiet birth" Scientology endorses and quite frankly, I see nothing wrong with it. Course the ideas behind it are kinda hokey. One woman said, "If they tell me to "push, push harder" and a couple years later that child is learning to ride a bike and I yell, "push, push harder" he might come down with a headache." Apparently they feel words yelled at emotional times can imprint on the child. My childbirth experience with Female Offspring #1 was very quiet. It wasn't a conscious choice, it's just that when I'm in pain, I don't want to talk. I was just trying to ride it out. So for the last five or six hours before her birth, I said NOTHING. (By contrast, I haven't kept my mouth shut since.) And Mr. G sat there oh, so patiently saying nothing also. When I think back on it and hear other people's stories, like my sister screaming her head off, I'm grateful it went down the way it did. That sort of ridiculousness just upsets EVERYONE in the ward and doesn't help anything. Every woman who gives birth goes through the same sort of pain, it's just how you choose to deal with it.

"Police in Yorkshire, England conducted a sting operation, looking for
people who had been successfully evading outstanding warrants for their
arrest. The police dressed up as mailmen, and announced that there was
a package to be picked up at the post office. When the eager
fugitives arrived, they were picked up instead.
All except for one crook, who was slightly brighter than the rest.
He thought it might be a scam. So he took his notice to the police
Sounds like a potential Darwin award winner to me...

I love the words and music to the new song by Mariah Carey and Snoop Dogg.
It just needs one minor tweak--get rid of Snoop. He actually detracts from the song.
The lyrics are sexy though:
I'm over here
Looking at you
You're over there
Watching me too
Both painting pictures of
Of how we'll kiss and hug

Tell me why we're still in here
There's nothing for us to fear
I could tell with my eyes closed
Now baby, I'm ready to go

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