Sunday, April 16, 2006

hippity hoppity easter's on it's way

I was patting myself on the back, I thought I was so clever. Every year--except the years when
I'm drunk and I oversleep--I have to get up super early and hide all the Easter eggs in the yard for
the annual Easter egg hunt. But this time I decided to hide the eggs before I went to bed.
And if those damn raccoons hadn't
found them first, it would have been a super duper Easter egg hunt. As it stands it
was more of an Easter eggshells hunt. On the upside, racoons are very neat and they left the shells in nice piles.
We found everyone of them.
Dang it. I just know this is gonna be another black mark against me in that
Mother of the Year contest. Sigh.

I went to my gf's house yesterday and someone had given her young son a live chick for Easter.
What a dumb idea, btw.
Live chicks and ducks are animals, not toys for young children.
He was trying to come up with
names for the chick and I suggested "Shake N Bake" or "Barbie Q."
Hey, we ALL know where that chick is going to end up...

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