Monday, April 24, 2006

hello its me

My girlfriend called and said she returned the baby chick to the store and bought a duck instead. Don't ask me why, but I must admit, I'd rather be pecked to death by a duck's bill than a chicken beak. She said, "I decided on the name Clucker McDucker." I could not help but laugh. I said, "Exactly how many seconds do you think it will take for all the neighborhood kids to be calling that poor duck Fucker McFucker?" Kids. They can be so cruel...unlike some of us adults. *cough cough*She said, "Hmm, I never thought of that." People, before you name ANYTHING you have to consider all the ways someone might twist that name and ridicule that child or pet. Unless you're a mediocre mom and ya don't give a crap.

Oprah had a show on little girls who are focusing solely on their weight and looks at only 3 and 4 years old. She asked where it came from and the mothers are like, hmm, other kids? Wrong. They're picking it up from their best role model: MOM. We are not just verbal role models, they soak up everything they SEE, too. So we can tell them one thing, but if they see us doing another, they will mirror that. The mother that doesn't feel beautiful can hardly raise a daughter who feels beautiful. The pair that were really eye opening were the mother and daughter towards the end of the show. The daughter thought she was ugly and every time she talked to her mother, her mother would say things like, "Hey, you think *you're* ugly, look at me." And yet the mother was totally clueless as to why her daughter was so down on herself.

I love this story. It's nice to know I'm not the *only* one who checks out the picture of the trooper on
the gas pump "if you don't pay for your gas, you could lose your driver's license" stickers......
The most hilarious part of the story was when the writer told the trooper people write "I'm Gay" on his picture. That would be the LAST thing I'd tell a state trooper. LOL;) Damn it, now you just know I'm gonna be looking for the trooper featured on our gas pumps everywhere I go...sigh.

You can tell there's a lot of serious news going on in *my* little corner of the world. One of
the local news stations has announced that they will begin showing PROM PHOTOS during the news casts.
No doubt right before the 85+ years birthdays or the 50+ years anniversarys.
I'm wondering why they bother with the news...

Blogger is being a perfect *dick* today ...nothing wants to update!!

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BUGZZZ who turns...I have no clue. Hell, all I
know is she continues to be younger than I am. Maybe next year she'll catch up. Have a good one!

They were showing pictures of the White House Easter egg roll on television the other day. Usually it's open to any children, but this year they had a special "roll" for the kids of Hurricane Katrina victims. Now what struck me as funny was the way these kids were all wearing "Katrina Kids" t shirts. Lordy, as if losing all your personal possessions isn't bad enough, now they have to walk around with t shirts that underscore the fact that they're homeless. Why not just wear t shirts that say, "Hurricane Katrina took my house and all I got was this lousy t shirt and a friggin' hard boiled egg from the President."

Between the three of us, I think WW, SodaPop and I have all our male "bases" covered.
I started my hott cops site, then WW started her hott bikers site and now SodaPop has started her hott sports and military guys site.
We should be so ashamed for turning men into man meat, and *yet* we're not. Go figger.
Incidentally we're all accepting pics of said guys, so if ya got some, share the eye candy!

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