Sunday, April 16, 2006

a day without sunshine is like a day without chocolate

Good grief. It's after noon and the offspring are STILL boo hoo'ing about the disasterous Easter egg hunt. I finally said, "Look, a botched Easter egg hunt is NOT the end of the world. An Easter without solid chocolate bunnies would be the end of the world. BTW, I ate all your solid chocolate bunnies yesterday. Happy Easter, kids!" GAWD!! My dream of a cake house being made of cake is not so far fetched after all! Check out this link
I stole right from Zal. You can't see me right now, but I am sobbing in ecstasy. When I become a famous writer, forget jewels, forget plasma screen tvs, forget orgy sex with cops. [Ok, maybe not that last one. Gotta have something interesting to write about.]

I'm thinking about buying one of those bagless vaccuum cleaners. Anybody have one?
I'm sure there's got to be a catch to it. If I'm not buying bags for it, I have to be buying something else,
filters, maybe? Cuz that's pretty much the way the manufacturing industry works. If you have one, let me know how you like it.

Bugzzz writes: "That chick is going to end up in the belly of the neighborhood cat. Tweety, meet Thylvethster."
I choose to be optimistic about the chicky pooh. I choose to believe she/he/whatevah will grow and
thrive and become the best damn chicken in the whole wide world....until it's murdered and becomes Sunday dinner.
Truth be told the damn thing will probably commit suicide inside of three days. I would if I had to live in that house.

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