Wednesday, April 26, 2006

all hail the glorious hump day

I read the family members of the Flight 93 crash victims are in Washington lobbying for $10 million dollars for a permanent memorial in Shanksville. If this does go through, I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE they build a LIVING memorial with plants and trees and a peaceful garden family members can walk through and relax in and NOT a memorial made of glass or brick or steel.

I saw the funniest thing today on a police vids show. A guy was so damn drunk he put one of those orange highway cones on his head and was dancing around...oy. Alcohol. It does an idiot good.

Did you hear about the seance with John Lennon that took place last night? John said, "Peace....the message is peace." Wow. That was well worth the pay per view fee. I mean you can't make up awe inspiring shit like that! John also said, "Nobody told me there'd be days like this" and "imagine my surpise to find there IS a hell below us."

I was watching the Today Show this morning briefly before work and Katie Couric was interviewing Kaavya Viswanathan, the Harvard sophmore who is at the center of a plagiarism conflict. She is accused of stealing some of the works of Megan F. McCafferty and passing them off as her own. She insists she's innocent. What got my attention was when Katie Couric said to her, "Now I'm going to read some more examples (of the alleged plagiarism) and I know this must be embarrassing and painful for you." But I'm gonna do it anyway....let the shaming begin.

This is exactly why I'm sorry to see the Flight 93 movie come out. As I've stated before the plane went
down about 30 minutes from where I live. On last night's news the anchor was talking about the movie and
he said, "Soon the area will see what really happened." Hollywood doesn't know what REALLY happened,
even though the director insists it's the truth. It can only be pieced together truth with fictional shit tossed in as filler.
Maybe it's just me, but if one of my relatives had been on that plane, I would NOT want to see a Hollywood version
of their terror and fear played out on a wide screen. That would be too painful to even think about. Asked why they cooperated with
Hollywood in making this movie, several of the deceased's relatives said they knew the film would be made regardless and
they felt that cooperating was the only way they could be sure that the parts they knew to be true were depicted properly.

Damn it. The Enforcer came up with an excellent name for Clucker McDucker that I hadn't even thought of: muthaclucker!
Then all I could think about was that stupid song, "Up against the wall, muthaclucker..."

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