Wednesday, March 15, 2006

the young, the restless and the HOTT

WW sent me this link. It's a HOOT. Check it out. It's real 911 calls on Jay Leno. I love the one about the guy's tallwacker hanging
out and the chick who gets furious. The poor cop looked kinda intimidated in that segment!

Eric writes this about Nicole Petallides' head nodding: Goddess, I've been asked to relay to you that you aren't to mention this in your
blog again, for reasons of national security. Otherwise the Men in Black
will have to pay you a visit."
Ok, Eric, but just so you know, Linda Bell did the Bloomberg Market update today--NO head nods!!
BTW, send some "Men in Blue" instead.

OMG. I faced the BIGGEST dilemma today. On the Young and the Restless, Phyllis and Nick (a married man) were having an affair. On today's episode, Phyllis' teenage son Daniel walked in on them doing da nasty on the living room couch. (Honestly, haven't these people ever heard of having sex in the kitchen, for Pete's sake?) Anywho, he stormed out of the apartment and I knew from the spoiler that he was going to confront his mother in the second half of the show. Coincidentally, there's a COPS ep running during that same half hour on FX. Usually I just flip back and forth. The COPS segments usually being at ten minute intervals. Well, I saw that Daniel was returning to the apartment and flipped over to COPS. SON OF A BITCH!! It was the episode from Fort Worth featuring Hottie Award winner Officer Paul Genualdo. I'm like, "Nooooooooooo! What are the CHANCES of this happening?! Just when Daniel is about to let his mother have it with both guns!!" So I thought about it for all of five seconds before deciding that drooling over a hott cop was more important that the soap. Besides, Daniel will be so traumatized by this, he'll be flashing back to it until he's forty.

For all the Ohio-ites who read this page, may I say that Paul Hackett, who was running for U.S. Senator is QUITE the handsome man, especially in tight jeans. And in these troubling political times, isn't that a quality we'd ALL like our U.S. Senators to have? BRING HIM BACK! (Oh and he needs a little more meat on his bones, too...)

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