Thursday, March 02, 2006

when you gonna love you like i do

The Ash Thursday Edition

I felt bad that I didn't have a chance to get to church yesterday on Ash Wednesday so I went down to my mom's dragged my thumb through the ash buckets from her coal furnace and gave myself the "Holy Smudge" on the forehead. Then I took the ashbucket home and took care of the offspring, too. I couldn't remember the EXACT prayer, I know it has something to do with coming from ashes and returning to ashes, so I just said, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, come on, honey, you must! you must!" Oh, well, close enough. Think I'll buy a lifetime supply of Flying Saucer candies, take the bead candy out of the inside, and give them "communion" every Sunday at home, too.

I love this PR line of absolutely nothing-ness from Jessica Simpson
on her split fom Nick, "I'm just proud of allowing myself to think and to act and to be."
Next up for Jessica: going to the bathroom unsupervised!!

South was jabbering on about a restaurant he went to where he ate in
a bed. Here's my great idea for when I become famous AND fabulously
wealthy. I'm going to start a restaurant called "Lazee Boys...And Girls"
where people can eat in recliners in front of television sets! Oh, wait!
Maybe I'll call the restaurant, "The Living Room"!!! Fab idea, huh?
I pitched this brilliant idea to South and he said, "i know and you make yer own salad and wash your own dishes.'
FANTASTIC!! Why didn't I think of that? Probably because I don't do it now...

They had a "Five Reasons Why You're Still Single" article on MSN, and one of the reasons was:
"You’ve got options but none are “good enough." If I've said it once,
I've said it a million times, do not be afraid to settle for second (or third) best.

I walked into work yesterday morning and the night time chick was watching movies on a laptop.
She said, "My brother in law told me that because I have a wireless router
if somebody around here has wireless cable I might be able to get online."
I'm like, "Really?"
(Nobody knows I bring a laptop with me or that I even own one. See, Zal? I CAN keep secrets!!!)
She said, "I only got this because I like to watch DVD's. I get sick of watching television."
Yeah, cuz watching movies is sooooooooooooo different than watching tv.
Buying a laptop just to watch DVD's is PURE BLASPHEMY!!

And no, Jay, I haven't forgotten about the mugs. I know you're probably worried about it.
As soon as I'm off,
I'm dl'ing the camera software to the laptop so I can show you.

Lucy Lui was on Oprah talking about the survivors of the Pakistan earthquake. She talked about how overwhelmed she felt with the devestation, and she talked about people being homeless all this time. She talked about giving money to UNICEF and donating to the rebuilding efforts. While I commend her efforts to shine a light on this situation, I gotta say, WHAT ABOUT THE AMERICANS WHO ARE STILL HOMELESS FROM THE HURRICANE??? I just saw a story about a New Orleans police officer who was booted off of the cruise ship and was told that he had housing. He was given a FEMA trailer with no electricity. Now he's in a hotel until March 16th. So what about these people? OUR people?

I almost didn't recognize Molly Price from the Law and Order commercials last night.
She played on Third Watch, but she has her hair cut short now. Speaking of the now defunct Third Watch,
where the hell is Jason Wiles??? Sigh.

Our local news station is calling for rain, sleet, snow, freezing thunder, freezing lightening and a bad case of the crabs for midnight
wednesday till noon thursday. By contrast, the weather channel is calling for..............rain in that same time period.
Sigh. I hate weather forecasts like this. I don't know whether to get up an hour early
or crawl out of bed at the last minute like I always do.

Jason Jones did a HILARIOUS report on fatherhood on The Daily Show last night.
Try to catch it on re-runs today. It's usually on in the afternoon and early evening. 
Actually it was about Anderson Cooper and how he cries in his reports and the people eat it up, so Jason decides to use
his relationship with his newborn baby (did you know he was married to Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee?)
as his media attention getter. Very funny.

The father-in-law's doctor has finally decided that it was his heart medicine that's making his heart beat "from the bottom." Now that they've changed the medicine, they feel he doesn't need the stents put in. A bad side effect from a prescription medication? That is so hard to believe....

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