Sunday, March 26, 2006

What happened to the dreams of a girl president She's dancing in the video next to 50 Cent

Ya know what makes me nuts? Besides dimes. I HATE DIMES!! You know they're annoying, don't lie.
Bugzzz sent me a url to a lawyer's website. They are accepting cases of people who have gotten diabetes from Seroquel, the same drug they are giving Mr. G's dad. Why are they permitted to keep this drug on the market if they know it is dangerous and the cause of some litigations?
I read that some of the older antipschotics were equally effective and are safer, although I always have to question the use of the word "safe" in the medical community.

Colours 'N Motion, a California company, is adding bling to people's wheelchairs. I think that's pretty cool. I may get my Hoveround redone.
It needs a leopard print seat and 24 karat gold dollar signs. And it'll only cost about $7k. The offspring's education money well spent. Oh, face it, other than Female Offspring #1 they're never gonna make it to college. Hell, they can't even find their way out of high school.

I saw the story of a woman who chained herself to her daughter to keep her from skipping school and running away. She was, of course, pulled over by the police, but she wasn't charged. Why is it that when you do something wacky--like say hiding a dead body in your trunk--you always get pulled over by the police for something simple and they find out what you've done? I can't imagine padlocking myself to any of my offspring, although I did once padlock myself to my chocolate stash. Hey, it loves me and it doesn't mouth off!!

I love Pink's video for Stupid Girls, especially the part where she pokes fun at Jessica Simpson's Dukes of Hazzard bit.

I notice that as I get older my attitudes about sex are changing greatly. For instance, when I was younger, I HATED quickies. ESPECIALLY if we'd do it and my husband would leave. That would bug me no end. I didn't mind it so much if we did it and *I* had to leave, but not the other way around. I'd get all upset, "I feel like a whore when you do that!" . Now I LOVE quickies.
This morning I was like, "Do me!" five minutes before I had to rush out the door. Ahhhhh, what a great way to start the day!

Damn. I forgot to tell my Paddy O'Furniture joke for St. Patrick's Day.
It's too doggone LATE to tell it now--ok here it is:
Q: What's Irish and sits outside in the summertime?
A: Paddy O'Furniture!

And this giggler....
Q: What are the best ten years of an Irishman's life?
A: Third grade.
Never fails to elict a laugh...unless you're Irish.

On COPS last night the one lady's husband was cooking meth in their TRAILER!!
Granted we smoke hams (and ummm, other stuff) in our trailer
in the summer, but meth?! Hell, no!
We cook that in the garage....

Goddess’ Hott Cop O’The Week awards go to: Detective Brian Nicholas of Pittsburgh, PA. Thank God.
I was beginning to think there weren’t any hott cops in The City of Mucho Street Heroin.
Officer Kevin Trussell of Chattanooga, Tennessee PD, and
Officer Robert Boothe of Spokane, Washington PD. All hotties squared.

So I'm chitter chattering with DB yesterday and he tells me South had to have emergency root
canal and he says, "Make up your own FUNNY STORY" to go with that. I'm like, "DUDE!! No!"
You can joke about the hillbilly accent, you can joke about the fact that his gf is young enough to be his daughter's daughter,
but you NEVER joke about someone having to get emergency dental work!! Apparently DB has
not heard of the 'what goes around, comes around' karmic rule of life.

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