Monday, March 06, 2006

Thought you had all the answers to rest your heart upon

Now that I have my main site and like 15 other blogs to update, I think
I'll use some of the main site copy but make each one of the other blogs different. Sure it'll be a lot more
work, but I think it will be worth it to have blogs on various subjects. I might even devote one ENTIRELY to HOTT COPS!!
Almost had ya going on that "different" material thing, huh? Till ya got to the "lot more work" part.
But not to worry, I'll still be talking about my favorite Hott Cops here, too. Thanks aren't necessary.

I only watched a few minutes of the Oscars here and there, because I hate to sit through all that Hollywood crap. Thank God for VCR's. I can zap through the commercials and all those RIDICULOUS film tributes to everything and everyone under the sun.
When I flipped it on to see how Jon Stewart was doing as host, they were giving out the award for make up or wardrobe, not sure which. The winners were the people for The Lion Witch and the Wardrobe. A man and a woman came onstage. The guy hogged up ALL the time and when the woman stepped forward to say her speech, they immediately played the music over her. I thought that was so unfair. She deserved a few seconds to say her "thanks," also.

I just finished watching the Oscars and I think Jon Stewart did a wonderful job. His humor and his manner fits right in with the Hollywood crowd and he's every bit the natural that Billy Crystal was when he hosted. If he wants to do it again, they'd be nuts not to have him back.
Jon's opening dream sequence was a hoot, especially the part with Steve Martin. It started off with the announcer saying, "And here's your host for the evening, Billy Crystal." In a Brokeback Mountain take off, Billy pokes his head out of a camping tent and says, "Sorry I'm busy." Chris Rock pulls back the tent flap next to Billy and says, "So am I." Then the announcer says, "And here's your host for the evening, Steve Martin." Steve says, "Sorry, I want to spend more time with the kids.You know, so they don't turn out weird." And he sits down next to two small kids who are wearing grey hairpieces exactly like his.
When it came to Whoopi Goldberg, she opened her front door and said, "Oh, HELL, no," and slammed it again. Then it came to David Letterman and he said, "Sorry, I want to spend more time with Steve Martin's kids. You know, so they don't turn out weird."
The one thing that shocked me was "song of the year." I LOVED "In the Deep," from Crash and I can't believe that ridiculous "It's hard To Be a PimP" won. I couldn't even understand half of their acceptance speeches.
I think Reese Witherspoon gave a wonderful speech and her win was well deserved, but I wish Joaquin Phoenix had won for his portrayal of Johnny Cash. I was also rooting for Felicity Huffman, but Reese did a great job, too.
I think people were surprised that "Crash" won movie of the year because right before that "Brokeback Mountain" picked up the Best Director and Adapted Screenplay awards. But it's totally NOT TRUE that there was "stunned silence" when Crash won as was reported in an MSN story. Hell, the people from Crash were screaming so loud there was no time for "stunned silence."

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