Thursday, March 23, 2006

this is how a heart breaks

mother of one Mike South...but we love her anyway.
Live it up, Kathy and have a great day!

Deputy Marc Taub writes: "My name is Marc Taub and I'm a Deputy for the Travis County Sheriff's Office.
I recently stumbled across your website. Just wanted to let you know that I love it.
I was featured on a cops episode this year, and will be on 2 others in the near future. I'm glad people like the show, and thanks for the kind words."
Deputy Taub was featured on the segment where the two stoners were puzzled as to why some guy broke into their home. The one he was interviewing broke into song. Oh, lordy, it was bad, and yet he managed to keep a straight face. Must be all that good po-leece training. I'm looking forward to seeing his new segments.

And here I thought South Park couldn't possibly suck anymore than it did last season. I wuz wrong.

I'm convinced Zal is totally dicking with me lately. If he sends me one more "hott cop" link that turns out to be a CHICK,
I'm gonna have to "accidentally" send him some hot pics of tranvestites. Speaking of Zal, he sends this story.

Why does Mary Titler Moore keep having plastic surgery?! We know she's older already. She's not fooling anyone.
I saw her on the 2006 TV Land awards show and her eyes have been stretched so much she looks Chinese.
And if her mouth gets any bigger she's going to be capable of swallowing small children whole.
Speaking of the TV Land awards, they have Tom Arnold doing the behind the scenes commentary.
Their motto? "Why waste money on quality entertainment when we can get
someone whose claim to fame was being married to a comedianne."
Too bad some of her wit didn't rub off.

Yesterday it was reported that there was a gunman in downtown Pittsburgh,
who was seen entering a building carrying a high powered rifle. Turns out it was some goofus shooting pigeons off the
roof, BUT of course the news was in full force. After they found out what it was in the afternoon,
I was watching the news at 4 on KDKA. They explained what had happened, THEN they said, "Stay tuned to
more live coverage of this event. "WTF?! There WAS no event, yet they're continuing to cover it?!
Just one more reminder why I hate watching the news...

MSN has a wacky new ways to meet someone article, and the five ways are: at a spelling bee, while grocery shopping, while commuting, at a "date my friend" party or in cooking classes. First of all, there's nothing wacky about meeting someone while grocery shopping.
I've met three of my husbands while grocery shopping. It's easy, too, to tell if they're single by the content of their grocery carts.
If you see maxi pads with wings in their cart, abort, abort!!
If you see Depends in their cart, danger, Will Robinson! They're probably still living with mom.
I met a potential husband at a spelling bee once. I eliminated him when he couldn't spell the word "commitment."
I met two husbands when I was on the way to work, and they were on their way to jail.
(I walked past the police station on that particular job.) Funny thing is they're still in jail. As are four more of my ex'es.
Hmm, what is it about me that drives a man to commit crimes?
I met Mr. G while working summers at the rendering plant. He was my boss and I knew he liked me cuz he promoted
me to be in charge of the road kill crew almost immediately. Hey, they don't give that job to just ANY slacker!
As far as the "date my friend" party goes, that's nothing new.
The offspring have held many a "date my mom, PUHLEEZE" parties.

Eric sends this: "Here's the page of a new organization
that I hope all pro-choice people will support."
Personally I don't support abortion, but I don't know what goes on in the hearts and
minds of women who feel that it's right for them, so I try not to judge them one way
or the other. The issue is rarely black and white.
I think women who do have an abortion need a strong support system because often they don't feel
they can talk to their families. I also think that a lot of them feel abortion is the end,
when really it's the beginning of a whole new set of problems for those who might be
emotionally at odds with what they've done, despite thinking it was for the best. This might
be a good place for support. Check it out and decide for yourself.

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