Tuesday, March 28, 2006

takin care of business

I think Fear Factor has to be one of the DUMBEST shows on tv. I was flipping channels
today and the nitwit chicks had to eat horse rectum. What idiots. Frankly I'm surprised they didn't tell them to
give the horses a rim job. I'm sure they would have been game.

Drug dealers are nothing if not creative. A California marijuana ring was manufacturing Pot Tarts, Stoney Ranchers, Buddhafingers and Munchy Ways.......
And yeah, I know it could fall into the wrong hands, blah blah, but damn it that's funny.

Although I HATE--yes, Mom, HATE--the COPS Mardi Gras eps, Court TV is airing a new
show tonight called "NOPD Mardi Gras" and I shall watch
mostly because I'm sick of seeing repeated COPS eps from the early 1990's. And of course, because of the Hott Cops!!

Ok, kids, the Fame Awards are up. Vote and make sure ya
write in Felicia Fox for actress and Mike South or Tim Case for actor.

The most popular cocktail of the last 100 years is.....*drum roll please* ...the martini!

Sharon Stone is still hot, but she does NOT look good with that fake long hair she's sporting for her latest movie.

I think the members of the small community where the preacher was shot by his wife
is going to get a very different picture of him when the truth comes out. Very often charismatic
people aren't so charismatic to those closest to them. They put on a very different face for the public.

Further proof that eating a lot of processed lunch meat is not good for you....

Further proof that going to Church is no good for you...
Why do people always get naked right before they go berserk?
Thanks, Zal.

OMG. Stephen Colbert was interviewing the Congressman Sherman of the San Fernando Valley and he kept bringing it back to the porn industry, which he insisted was in the Valley, despite the Congressman's denials. Stephen said, "Have you ever BEEN to your district?"
And then at one point Stephen said, "The San Fernando Valley has seen more tail than a toilet seat." Congressman Sherman kept saying, "Why do you keep talking about the porn industry? There is no porn industry in the San Fernanado Valley." Stephen said, "Congressman, are you ever afraid to order pizza or have a pool boy come to your house?" LOL...

I'm DRIVING to work in my Kia this morning and what do I see? Some guy DRIVING his HOVEROUND on the
highway. Excuse me? Is this not what I was almost arrested for?? Sure this jackass can get away with it. Where are the cops when ya need em...

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