Monday, March 27, 2006

suck it spade

Ok here's a trivia question for you boozehounds.
According to a survey of bartenders, what is the most popular cocktail of the last 100 years?
There was only one cocktail I could remember that was used in movies when I was but a little Goddess, so I got it first guess.
Some goofballs were guessing Banana Daiquiri's. Yeah, like they had Banana Daiquiri's 100 years ago...

What's the deal, people? Are ya trying to make me DIE of pent up sexual frustration?! First, I
watched a SO CALLED cop vid that Zal sent me. Turns out it was...UGH...a FEMALE cop. But I liked
her way of thinking. She made the guy play with himself a while before she had her way with him. THEN Eric
sends me this cop fantasy. DAMN. Lucky me. I got it twice yesterday.
Speaking of cop fantasies, I have to finish mine. Only problem is I get so turned on I have to stop.

I love the Century 21 commercial where the chick pretty much bullies her husband into buying a house,
even though he's clearly uncomfortable with the decision. She's like, "What?!" And then she says, "Suzanne researched this! We can do it."
As if that makes it allllllright.

I love it. Somebody came to my site after googling "trailer 'mike south' queen."

Whoa. Reading Garfield today was like a million conversations I've had with myself. He has his hand in the cookie jar and he says, "One cookie left...that one old cookie that's lain in the bottom of the jar forever covered in the ancient dust of a million other cookies and the fingerprints of a million grimy hands...stale, rock hard, and hideously malformed...the "elephant cookie" of cookies...and yet, as brutally graphic as my dissertation has been...I'm not going to be able to talk myself out of eating it."

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