Sunday, March 19, 2006

my friend the communist holds meetings in his rv

Love means never having to say, "I whacked off my penis...."

Alex writes: "Have you been posting personal ads on Craigslist again???"
You can place personal ads and get your own HOTT COP??? Just for the ASKING??
**sharpens up a fresh #2 lead pencil**
I gotta laugh at her criteria, though. "Hot cop," that's it.
No "must have good sense of humor, kindness and a big ole schlong" crap for her.
While you're on Craigslist, read some of those personal ads. They're quite humorous. I liked the one chick who was looking for a Sugar Daddy.
In return for his moola, attention and devotion, she offers him her "undivided attention, devotion and an endless state of joy,
not to mention treasures of the heavens."
I'm guessing she works in the PR biz cuz she sure put a good spin on that pile of nothingness.....

So how does everybody feel about this anti smoking ordinance that was just passed in Calabasas, California?
The city passed a measure that prohibits smoking in most public places, indoors AND out, except for some designated smoking areas.
First of all, the government has allowed the sale of cigarettes knowing the dangers and their addictiveness.
You'll never convince me they didn't know. NOW that people are addicted to them, they place high taxes on them,
making them what? Like $4 or $5 a pack, and extremely expensive for someone who isn't able to stop smoking.
The one place that smoking isn't banned, that I feel it should be is restaurants. I'm not talking outdoor cafes.
Nothing is grosser than eating in a restaurant where people are smoking two feet away in the "smoking section."
I see both sides of the issue. I don't feel that I should have to pay healthwise for someone
else's bad habits--Lord knows I'm paying for enough of my own right now.
But I don't think smoking should be banned outdoors. Is it any worse than other air pollution, say from factories or cars?
The idea a few years back was to get smokers outside and not allow them to smoke indoors. Now they can't smoke
outdoors either. That just doesn't seem fair. And how difficult is it going to be for a lot of people who work there
who can't smoke inside or outside? They're pretty much have to go an entire day without a cigarette and
where does that leave the heavy smokers? They're all gonna be praying their office is near one of those
designated areas. The ordinance comes with a heavy $500 fine if you're caught smoking a few times. Yeah,
like cops aren't busy enough trying to catch criminals, now they have to round up those notorious outdoor smokers. Oy.

Court TV is running some new police shows, one of which is "World's Scariest Police Stings."
You know why they're the world's scariest, right? Because they're hosted by John Bunnell.
Those big caps and fake tan are enough to scare even the most fearless of men.
While I'm on the subject of Court TV, they pissed me off on Sunday. They kept advertising "all NEW episodes of COPS" for Sunday evening. Hell, most of them were from the late 90's and one was from 2003.

I was reading some of those personal ads on the link that Alex sent yesterday.
One was from a fat chick (she identified herself that way) who
ranted and raved about guys using her for sex, but said she was in the process of losing weight,
and that would never happen
again once she became thin. She then goes on to say that in the meantime she is willing to "accept proposals for fun and
sex games during my transition stage from guys with you-know-what’s OVER 9 inches."
One person replied by saying "Seek counseling ASAP."
Transition stage, eh? Is that what they're calling it now? Hell, I've been going through one of those for the last 20 years...

Goddess' Hot Cop O'The Day awards go to: Deputy Harry Thomas
of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department, District 3, in Florida.
Officer Felix Leon, West Palm Beach, Florida and
Officer John Smaistrla of Las Vegas, Nevada.
All the award winners get the joy of knowing they're hotties, AND a free "Kiss Me, I'm a Hott Cop"
button if they email me and tell me where I can send it;)

There was a fire at the apartment building where Female Offspring #1 lives over the weekend. Thank God she was home here with us when it happened. Ya know, if I had to choose between a trailer or a brick apartment building going up like tinder, I would have chosen trailer. I wuz wrong. Her 'stuff' is ok, but she won't be able to live in the apartment for several months and that has her bummed. She really loved it there and we were happy she was in the neighborhood she was.

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