Friday, March 10, 2006

i've seen the needle and the damage done a little part of it in everyone

This is what the good people of Campbell's soup said in their response to my email asking why they were still showing the McNabbs on their commercials instead of the SUPER BOWL WINNING STEELERS: "Dear Playboy Playmate, (Ok I may have exaggerated my identity a tad)
we received your message and appreciate your taking the
time to contact Campbell Soup Company about our advertising. It is very
helpful to hear what consumers like you have to say - good or bad - about
the way we promote our product. (Like "you suck"?)

Our advertising is developed to generate awareness and interest in our
products in a truthful and responsible manner.
(Yeah, but WHERE ARE THE STEELERS, asswipes?!)
We take pride in our
reasonably priced, ("reasonably"?! HA!)
high quality products and believe that our advertising
program has played a key role in communicating this value to consumers.
(McNabb BLOWS!! Communicate that!)

At Campbell, our number one priority is to delight our consumers.
(Really? I thought it was to sell crappy soup.)
appreciate your feedback. I will share your comments with my advertising
team so that they too may benefit from your insight.

We will be happy to send you a complimentary coupon via mail. Please
respond to this message with your complete mailing address.
(That's Playboy Playmate, c/o The Playboy Mansion, and include an extra one for Hef, will ya?
He likes to eat your beans & weenies straight from the can.)

Thank you again for your comments. Please contact our Consumer Response
Center or visit Campbell's website if we can be of further assistance."
I'm so happy they addressed my concerns! Mutha fuckers!

Lynn Swann is planning to run for gub'ner of PA in the upcoming elections. He has a firm stance on most of the issues...unfortunately, nobody seems to know what that is. I was reading an article about him in the paper and a lot of people were saying they would vote for him. Most often mentioned reasons why? Because he was a former Steeler and/or a Republican. IF those are your strong points, God help us. Swann was asked to debate the issues and at first he said he would, then he was considering nixing the debates. Now is the time for him to get his ideas out there and let the people know what he's thinking. If you're unsure where you stand on the issues or unwilling to admit where you stand when you're running your campaign, what are you going to be like in office?

Once again the local paper is having a beautiful baby contest. Gawd, my heart goes out to those kids who only have 2 and 3 votes. At twenty five cents a vote, you'd think Mommy and Daddy would spend at least a buck and VOTE FOR THEIR OWN DAMN KID!!

Robin, the CNN anchor, was discussing the memorial service at the Atlanta courthouse where the shooting took place last year. A reporter chick was standing outside the courthouse on the scene talking to Robin about a two hour special CNN is running tomorrow night. She said, "Robin, I asked Ashley Smith some hard hitting questions: did she know Brian Nichols before? had she done drugs with Brian Nichols before?" and when Robin asked her for the answers, she, of course, gave the coy, "You'll have to watch the show tomorrow." Puhleeze. IF Ashley Smith HAD known Brian Nichols before their encounter, it would certainly have come to light before NOW. Lord knows the media was up her ass for weeks about the whole incident. Then the reporter says, "In this special, we also take Ashley back to the crackhouse where she used to live." Yeah, just what every former crack addict needs--temptation.

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