Monday, March 13, 2006

it's a perfect day nothing standing in my way

If anybody knows of any good, FREE photo hosting sites for blogs that
I don't have to sell my mother to get, please email me and let me know.

I was watching Family Feud and the question was, "Name something you should never buy used." Naturally people were saying things like mattresses, underwear and clothing. One chick said, "Food." We won't even go there.

Wow. I saw a brand new tv on the news today that has a complete computer inside. Can you imagine watching tv and trying to "ZIP" around the web on dial up? BWAHAHAHAHA.

Ok, my one co-worker is doing something that just creeps me out. She goes through the garbage every day. I don't mean going through the garbage as in trying to find a half eaten candy bar to finish, Lord knows we all do that. But she goes through the garbage looking for that all important TIN CAN so she can take her 85 gabage bags full of cans and collect her $1.23 at the end of the month. She's one of these people who lives likes she's dirt poor, but she has a couple jobs, a couple rental properties, a home of her own and a good income, so her lazy ass nephew will probably inherit a fortune when she dies. I don't believe in living extravagantly--Lord knows I don't--but these people who eat food they don't like because it was FREE or wear clothes that look gross on them because they were FREE, just baffle me. Most of us are only going around once--I might come back, I haven't decided yet--so why not enjoy yourself IF you have the means to do so?

Yikes. One day of free agency and already we've lost Anton Randle El to the Washington Redskins.
Can't says I blame him though. I thought it was ridiculous
that Jerome Bettis had to take a pay cut two years in a row, one of almost 80% in 2004, to stay with the Steelers. If I were Anton, I'd go
with the money, too. He's obviously not going to get it in Pittsburgh.

They had yet another big story on women and calcium supplements on the Today Show. I wish these health people would get with the program and start telling women to take the MAGNESIUM WITH the CALCIUM, instead of just calcium. Minerals work together from what I've been reading and if you're taking calcium, it should always be taken with magnesium for the optium absorption and effectiveness. Perhaps that's why the calcium studies are showing no progress in this area. It's not being taken properly. I never take a hard calcium tablet either. I always take the liquid calcium. The hard tablets are like rocks and there's not a whole heck of a lot of a chance that much of the calcium is even going to be absorbed. If you'd like a GREAT source of information on using NATURAL vitamin and minerals therapy to help your health problems, check out "All Your Health Questions Answered Naturally" by Maureen Salamon. She is a WEALTH of information and way ahead of the mainstream medical community on a lot of these things. I see a lot of the things she talked about years ago, coming to pass just recently.

We went to visit Mr. G's dad again last night. Yet another depressing experience. I don't understand the way the "medical" profession thinks. Actually I do, I just hate to think about it. My f-i-l was complaining of headaches and I approached the nurse and said that I knew headaches were a side effect of Seroquel and perhaps they needed to consider changing the meds? When your loved one is in a situation like this, where he or she ISN"T being heard for whatever reason, you owe it to them to take their concerns seriously. And that's what we've been trying to do. I said, "He's also been complaining of backache, another side effect." The nurse said, "Oh yeah, but we've determined his headaches and backaches are due to the car accident he had." The car accident she's referring to happened over FIFTY YEARS AGO. I have NEVER known my f-i-l to have problems with headaches or backaches. So what does she do? She gives him a MUSCLE RELAXANT. Yes, because you always want to go with the strongest medicine possible so the patient is dopey and leaves you alone. Sigh.

Because the dr. keeps pushing my husband to take cholesterol lowering drugs and because he's adamently against it, we pretty much read whatever we can about heart attacks and whether or not cholesterol really has anything to do with them. I read that all of these statin drugs are doing nothing to stop the incidences of heart attacks, they're still up, and if you'll recall I've mentioned before that most of these drugs can cause severe liver damage as a lovely side effect. Well, NOW that the medical world is learning more and more that the heart attack problem is due to inflammation and NOT high cholesterol, I read that the pharmaceutical companies are scrambling to manufacture a good non-inflammatory. Yeah, you can't use Vitamin C or natural products like aloe vera for stuff like that. You need a prescription that'll create a zillion other problems. You'll notice, too, that all of a sudden they're finding different reasons to use the statins? That's so they don't lose the tons of money they've put into pimping these drugs.

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