Saturday, March 25, 2006

its a free ride when you've already paid

Awww, it's no hee haw. Buck Owens has passed away.

Ladies Home Journal listed 10 movies for the hopelessly romantic. They were: Pretty Woman, Sleepless in Seattle, An Officer and a Gentleman, Gone With the Wind, Titanic, When Harry Met Sally, Love Story, Casablance, The Way We Were and Beauty and the Beast. Evidently I'm not a hopelessly romantic kind of gal. I've seen Beauty and the Beast cuz one of the offspring has it, saw a bit of Pretty Woman until my "common sense voice" kicked in and said, "Get real. What are the chances of him finding a hot 'ho like that?" and "Hello? Can you say 'sloppy seconds...thirds...fourths...fifths...etc?" The rest I haven't seen. On the other hand, I've seen "The Little Toaster" 95 times....and not because I like it either.
I generally find that movies that are touted as "romantic comedies" always fall short of my expectations. I guess that's why I like romance novels so much better. Characters in a book can smolder, but the lack of chemistry between the lead actor and actress ruins it for me. I wanna see sizzle and schizzle.

Does anybody know if the Jenny Jones show is still on? I was watching Mo Collins
on Mad TV and damn, she does an EXCELLENT imitation of Jenny.

Too funny and I swiped it right from Max's site.., but if you're like me, you won't want to read this joke on an empty stomach....
A man wearing a ski-mask bursts into a sperm bank with a shot gun. "Open the fucking safe!" he yells at
the girl behind the counter. "But we're not a real bank" replies the girl. "This is a sperm bank, we don't hold money".
"Don't argue just open the safe or I'll blow your fucking head off!" She obliges and opens the safe door.

"Take one of the bottles and drink it!"

"But it's full of sperm" the girl replies nervously.

"Don't argue, just drink it" he says. She pries off the cap and gulps it down.

"Take out another one and drink it too!" he demands. The girl drinks another one.
Suddenly the guy pulls off the ski-mask and to the girl's amazement it's her husband.......

"Not that fucking difficult is it?" he says."

From the 'walking in a winter wonderland' file: I saw the neighbors--the proud owners of the Happy Birthday Jesus sign and the Christmas lights--and I said, "Still celebrating the old birthday for Jesus, eh?" She said, "Oh, the kids love it when I light the Christmas lights, so I keep doing it." I said, "My kids love to wet their finger and jam it into the electrical outlet, but you don't see me encouraging that kind of stupid behavior." Well, except that one time. In my defense it was a snow day and we were all bored. Hey, there's only so many macaroni and glitter crafts you can make!
But for Pete's sake, the letters are burning out, so they're celebrating "Ha--y Bi--hday J-s-s." Ugh.

Ms. Trivia aka Bugzzz writes: "BTW--it takes a week to make a jelly bean."
And yet they sell for about forty nine cents a bag. Go figger.

What the world needs now is love, sweet love and yet another search engine. Because that's the only thing that there's just too little of.
I received an email from asking me if I wanted my site included on their search engine. On a never ending quest for more website hits, I agreed. They emailed me yesterday and told me I had been added and to test it out. I went to the site and typed in The World of Goddess and got nothing. I typed in Goddess and got nada. Typed in Goddess of the Universe and got zilch. I typed in "hott cops" and I'm the first and only entry.
BTW, Zepti is looking for new sites so make sure you submit yours if ya have one.

I can be on the computer at work for hours and have no problem with the connection but it
seems like the minute someone starts talking to me, I lose the connection. I feel bad because sometimes
it takes me awhile to get back on. I don't want y'all to think I'm being rude or WORKING, God forbid.

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