Wednesday, March 01, 2006

if it makes you happy it can't be that bad

Last night Mr. G said, "Holly has caused us more grief in one year than
Mookie did in her entire career." LOL...who knew Mookie even HAD a career?

Bugs, South, Mim and Jenni guessed the correct answer to yesterday's trivia question: the first toy to be advertised on television was Mr. Potato Head. I, like Eric, Karen and Tim guessed the Slinky and/or Hula Hoop. Keith guessed the Rifleman Rifle. BWAHAHAHAHA. LOSER!! That's what you get for calling me "Godi" all the time.
Zal thought Mr. Potato Head was boring, but when MRS. Potato Head came along, well va va va voooooom! Their parts were interchangeable and he was probably the first crossing dressing potato head on record. (Mr. Potato Head, not Zal.) Mim guessed Mr Potato Head "back when they still used a real potato."

Hott Cop O'The Week award winner from July 05, Officer Paul Genualdo sends this email: "Hi. This is Officer Genualdo with the Fort Worth Police Department..............I was quite flattered to find out that I was listed as one of your Hot Cops of the Week. Thank you very much! Nice to know I can still get a few hearts racing. Anyway, just wanted to send you a quick thanks, and tell you your blog is pretty entertaining. Keep it up."

Eric sent me an article about PA Senator Rick Santorum, who vows to ban any more gay westerns. (I guess gay romances and musicals are ok) This is the part of the article that had me laughing, though.
Santorum said he was concerned that some day they might remake Benji with "man on dog sex."
He then said: "I am going to be extra vigilant on this issue," Mr. Santorum said. "If
there is a remake of Benji featuring man on dog sex, I will be waiting
in line for a ticket on the very first day."
Ok, IF you hated this sort of stuff, why would you be standing in a line for a ticket?
Just remember, No butts, no cuts, Senator!! BTW, if you need
some internet sites to peruse while waiting for the remake of Benji, lemme know.

I was reading an article on MSN on how to have a romantic bedroom. Here are some of the tips: a killer bed--mine couldn't BE any more killer with my cat hair covered bedspread.Guys dig that!; use satin bedsheets--I used to until I slid out of bed one night while attempting a tricky sex maneuver. I sprained my ankle and almost killed the cat; fill the room with lots of mirrors--yeah you gotta make that cellulite clearly visible from ALL angles; cozy, plush rugs--I have them scattered everywere...they help break the fall when you slide off those satin sheets; scented candles--these are tricky. They're making the smells so realistic now that last week when I was giving Mr. G a blowjob, he insisted on being able to eat a piece of pumpkin pie at the same time; and last but certainly not least, add some sexy lighting fixtures. I prefer to adorn the room with nude men holding candles.

The other day when Bugzzz sent me that email with the "crap on a stick" phrase in it.
I immediately thought, "What a dumb phrase," which automatically
INSURED that I would be saying it repeatedly!!!!! And here's the worst part, NOW she tells
me she said, "crap on a cracker," so where the hell did I get "crap on a STICK?!"

Apparently a gay scandal is looming over Clay (G)a(y)kin's head. A former Green Beret told the National
Enquirer that he had unprotected sex with (G)a(y)kin. Now (G)a(y)kin's chance at winning that Gospel award for his
WoW Christmas Event is looking slimmer and slimmer. What would Jesus do, people? What would Jesus do?
The part of this story that has me scratching my head is the fact that many of (G)a(y)kin's loyal followers are UPSET by this ACCUSATION, believing him to be STRAIGHT. That's right, they think CLAY IS STRAIGHT!!!!
Talk about living in a rose colored bubble...

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