Tuesday, March 07, 2006

if i cant have you i dont want nobody baby

Of the Oscars, Bugzzz writes: "Did you see Peter Whatshisface's wife when they annouced
Best Picture? She shot to her feet so damn fast, her dress almost didn't catch up to her.
WTF was Ben Stiller thinking?"
LOL...I missed that part with the dress. As far Ben goes, I wasn't sure if he was a comedic genius or an ass.
I did get a huge kick out of Steve Carrel(?) and Will Farrel when they gave out the award for best makeup wearing hideous makeup.
I also thought it was really cute when Chicken Little gave out an award. I don't know the name of the female duck character he was with but it was funny because she was upset animators never give ducks pants.

Bugzzz also sent me the link to a pic of Itzhak Perlman arriving at the Oscars riding a
Hoveround and said, "See? You are one classy bitch, you own a Hoverround."
Hey, my Hoveround should look so damn swanky! That sucker looks bronze to me.

Well it's clear my singing sucks donkey you know what's...every bit as much as I thought it did. Last night when we were walking Mr. G said he heard "that song i like that goes something like'why can't you and I get together'?" and I said, "Oh, yeah, thats Chad Kroeger." Then I started to SING it and he's like "Oh, NO, THAT's not the song at all, unless you're butchering it." I'm like "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!" So we got home and I played it for him on the computer and he says, "Yeah, that's the one i was talking about." I said, "THAT'S the one i was singing!!" Then he gave me one of those "Ummmm ooooo k then" looks.

My McAfee virus software expired a few weeks ago on my laptop. I received a pop up notice when I was at work and the offer was to renew the sub for $19.99, a $20 savings over the usual $39.99 fee. Since I was at work, I didn't have access to my cc information. But I remembered that the offer was going to expire March 13th. I *thought* I bookmarked the page, but evidently I didn't. I've gotten the pop up two or three times but always when I'm at work. Naturally I've gotten 65 THOUSAND pop ups to renew Spam Killer, which I don't use anyway.
Yesterday I emailed the company and asked them to let me know where I could find that offer and I said that if that offer wasn't available to me anymore I was going to switch to Norton because I had no intention of paying full price when I knew there was an "offer" floating around, especially one at such a good discount.
This is what they said, "Please be informed that the promotional emails that you receive are being sent
randomly. We also send different promotional emails. So as much as we want to, we
cannot send the same promotional email anymore."
Translation: "Pay full price, Bitch."
Makes no friggin' sense to me. I told them which offer it was and I'm sure they
could tell me how to get the discount IF they wanted to. Fine. Now I'm more than willing to pay full price......for Norton.

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