Saturday, March 11, 2006

honey i got the blues from riding all night in these high heel shoes

Claude Allen, the man George Bush nominated for a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals, and his former domestic policy advisor
has been arrested for possible theft.
Bush said, "If that's true...well, hell, we better count the silverware here at the White House." Ok, maybe he didn't say that.

Gals, don't forget. Tuesday is Steak and Blowjob day so you better be shoring up your plans
with your special (or not so special) someone right about now!! Last check, Hallmark still doesn't have the all important
Steak and Blowjob cards out on display yet, but don't be afraid to ask the clerk! I got a cute one for Mr. G. It shows a hot blonde on the front and it reads, "My steaks and blowjobs have one thing in common..." On the inside it says, "They're both well done!!"

Anybody familiar with Neil Young's songs? I'm looking for the name of the song he wrote about his dog, please!!
Any help is greatly appreciated.

I was watching CNN yesterday and they had a story about the many kidnappings that are taking place in Iraq. Apparently kidnapping cells are quite common and it's not unheard of for the kidnappers to request high ransoms. One guy said they asked $100k for his son and he refused to pay it. They asked him for $50k and he said, "I will build his funeral tent before I give you a cent." I am ever so grateful he's not MY old man. One guy said he paid $30k for a family member and they kidnapped another member of his family and he was forced to pay $20. No word on why the ransom was different but I'm guessing they gave him the "multiple family member kidnapping discount." One of my offspring was kidnapped once. The kidnappers called and said they wanted $50,000 and they'd give him back. I'm like, "Give him back?! Why would I want him back when I have seven more just like him at home?
Personally I was kinda hoping you could take a couple more off my hands. And where the hell do you think I'm going to get $50k? I live in a trailer and drive Kias, for Pete's sake." Heck if I had $50k, I could have afforded to buy birth control in the first place....

Holy shit, it's worse than I thought. Eric was serious when he guessed "Ronald Regan" was the mystery man in the picture.
Can you imagine what the kids would look like if Whitney Houston and Eddie Van Halen did the nasty right now?

Bugzzz writes: "Random Thoughts: The other day, the Buglet decided that he wanted Arby's for lunch. Great, more food he asks for, and then refuses to eat. Anyway, I pull up to the drive-thru and the entire resturant is plastered with signs that say, "Now Serving 100% Natural Chicken." Which leads me to ask, "What the FUCK were they serving before??"
Ewwwww! One *more* reason why the Arby's in my town is ALWAYS deserted...

I also saw a story on CNN about road rage. Apparently some jackass in Detroit began ramming an SUV with two pregnant woman inside, and tried to force them into on-coming traffic until the police arrived to save them. The "funny" part about this story is that I guess the women declined to be interviewed on camera--until Oprah calls, that is--so instead they focused the camera on their pregnant bellies the entire time the women were talking. Here's guessing the ladies regret not showing their faces now.

I posted the sweetest little baby picture of Mike South in today's update on my main site. Check it out.

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