Friday, March 03, 2006

everyone else has had more sex than me

Last night I dreamt that I was reading the epistle at church. The first line? "I are odd."
Yanno, I SWEAR if I EVER meet South in person, the
first thing I'm going to do is smack him upside the head.

For the 9 MILLIONTH time I wish dog food manufacturers would STOP putting dog
treats in the same type of foil bags they put candy and chocolate covered
pretzels in!!! I'm tired of having to say, 'I'm sorry! This one is mine."

Out of a really BAD habit, I got out of bed early yesterday morning only to discover
that any ice we did get had already melted. Yep, I was up early FOR NOTHING. Guh.
Because she had such a bad week with us being gone so much between work and the hospital visits,
I promised Holly that we were going to spend all day Friday in bed doing NADA. I assured her that the only time
we would get out of bed would be to pee, get junkfood, or in her case, to snag a bone.
Laying in bed all day--just one of the many, many sacrifices I'm willing to make for my canine.

Goddess' Hott Cop O'The Day award goes to: Deputy Ed Baeza, Riverside County, California. Hubba HUBBA!! "Feet back and spread 'em!!" Oooooo ahhh the big O.

Even though I hate most awards shows, I'm going to tape the Oscars because of Jon Stewart.
I don't want to sit through the awards, but I want to hear the jokes.
I love Jon's off the cuff humor, he's so funny and I'm sure he'll do well.
About his preparation for the show, Stewart says, "We're going to try something
different, we're not going to put in any time or effort."

Bobby Brown is leading people to believe that Whitney is pregant.
OMG. She smokes (thankfully only the good stuff) and drinks and she might be pregnant?!
One can only imagine the health concerns that poor child would face.
Hell, having the Browns as parents is a big enough handicap to overcome...

Hmm, I sent South a version of James Blunt's You're Beautiful--yes, because as his former stalker, I think Mike is beautiful--and I was just listening to it. All this time, I've been playing the "clean edit" and this one was unedited. In the clean edit, he says, "she could see from my face that I was flying high" and in this unedited version, he says "she could see from my face that I was fucking high." Sorry, but that added NOTHING to the song. Actually it took something away from it for me.

I've learned one important fact in life: IF you're planning on turning your loved one over for psychiatric care, BE VERY CAREFUL BECAUSE THERE'S NO TURNING BACK. When push came to shove, it ended up being Mr. G against his sister and mother and they "won" out. Mr. G's dad is an absolute mess now and it really frightens me to see how some doctors treat their patients. His dad has only been in the hospital for a week and a half and they've had him on Xanax, Haldol, Ativan and now Seroquel. (And three of those pills were just in the last two days.) While I believe there's something wrong, I don't feel like they're giving him a chance on any medication before they slap him on yet another pill. It seems like they're just keeping him sedated to keep him quiet.
At times he almost seems bipolar, IF I have the right idea of the symptoms of that disorder. He seems to turn on a dime, one minute he's extremely happy and nice, the next you're a dirty, rotten bastard and he hates you, and then he's back to nice again. He doesn't seem to remember the moments when he's rude or aggressive or threatening.
If that IS the case that he has bipolar disorder, my thinking they could give him something like Xanax was naive. I didn't realize how serious the episodes were. Yesterday he swung at a couple of the nurses and he did the same again today. But what frightens me is that he has to feel rather helpless in all of this. I mean how do you ever get out of this sort of situation? If you act up, they drug you up and you're just a shell of a person. It's incredibly sad to see. Can any of this sort of behavior be
attributed to coming off one drug or mixing drugs? We don't know.
To make matters worse, my husband's niece is a 30 year old drama queen to beat all drama queens. She's the kind that SCREAMS when she has menstrual cramps. Anywho, my sister in law said to Mr. G, "Drama Queen is just hysterical over all of this." Big surprise there. And Mr. G, who rarely pulls punches said, "Well, then she's hardly anyone I'd want around if I were sick."
Plus, no one has medical power of attorney for Mr. G's dad. I ASSumed his mother would be permitted to make the decisions, but she can't. Thankfully Mr. G and I took care of all of that stuff and the living will several years back.
I found it INCREDIBLY INTERESTING that when Mr. G's sister mentioned to their mother that she should
give them HER medical power of attorney, she threw a FIT. Methinks someone has a bit of a guilty conscience.
I'm grateful that my parents seem to be doing so well at 88. My dad's physical health is overshadowed by the fact that he has a hard time negotiating steps--he broke his hip a few years back--and has to use a walker, but my mother gets around extremely well at her age. She reminds me of my grandma, who was still going strong, mentally and physically at 99.
If you'll recall, I've stated before that Mr. G's parents have never treated me very well. The last several years have been filled with blessed indifference, but the early years were TERRIBLE.
So on a kinda funny note, last night when we left the hospital, I said to Mr. G, "Honey, I don't want to upset you,
but Haldol and Seroquel are antipsychotics." He said, "Really?"
I said, "Yeah, couldn't you tell your dad was on serious drugs by all the nice things he was saying about me?"
He said, "Well, I was getting sort of suspicious by the third time he told
me what a wonderful wife I had and how much he loved you, too."

Eric writes: "The big difference is you have a lot more choices! Which is why, after
stopping watching TV when my old antenna broke in October 2000, I got a
VCR/DVD player combo in October 2002 to watch movies. That and internet
(using my MSNTV unit) is all I use the set for.
Another difference is that it's so easy to get addicted to TV, 'cause
you need do absolutely nothing to keep watching."
Ok I'll give ya that, the choices are broader, but I was really referring to the fact that
in both instances, all you really do is sit there and watch tv. Sure you have to get up and return
the video to the store, but videotapes are six hours long and as far as the boxed DVD
sets go, well, hell, you could be on the couch for days!.
Personally, I can't sit through a movie at home. Even one I really like.
I have to watch a little here and a little there until I finish.

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