Friday, March 17, 2006

even though my life before was tragic

FABU NEWS, KIDS!!! Yours truly is being considered for inclusion in the upcoming 2006/07 Manchester Who's Who Among Professional Women in Writing and Publishing book! The book includes "biographies of our country's most accomplished women." AND--get this--"inclusion is considered by many as the single highest mark of achievement." Personally I'd consider a several million dollar book deal as my "singlest highest mark of achievement," but hey, I'm sure this is a close second. Isn't this WONDERFUL?? I'm busy calling all my deadbeat relatives that said I had no talent. A big HI to my mother.
NOW..... somebody tell me where they've EVER seen any writing done by me under my real name and I'll almost believe they aren't trying to sucker me into buying their stupid book. I am filling out the entry for shits and giggles, though. Where it says website url, I'm putting my Hott Cops blog. Where it says "please tell us more about your business or organization," I'm writing, "My job is to surf the web and my hometown streets daily for HOTT COPS to jill off to!!" Where is says, "Job Title," I'm writing "HOTT COP Pimpette."
That'll learn 'em to toy with my hopes and dreams!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I'm not Irish, but kiss me anyway!!

Thanks so much to everybody who sent their best wishes for Mr. G. We had a good, long talk last night, and as you can tell, I'm in a much HAPPIER mood today. We BOTH are. We know what we need to focus on, we know we need to work on this together and we admitted the areas in which we weren't being honest with ourselves. Yesterday was a lot of fear based stuff, but today we're focusing on the positive and moving forward. And I KNOW his next check up is going to be much, much better. Our problem is that we approached this diabetes thing as if it was a one time deal, instead of a life long issue. He got a couple good reports and we fell right back to a lot of our old eating patterns. That doesn't work anymore.

Wow. You think you know a saint and then you find out something like this. Apparently St. Patrick wasn't even Irish. He was born somewhere in Roman Britain. He also didn't introduce Christianity to Ireland. St. Palladius did that. (I know that because I'm a HUGE St. Palladius fan.) And last but certainly not least, he didn't even drive the snakes from Ireland because geological studies show there were NO snakes in Ireland. Next I'll probably find out he didn't invent the green beer either! What a lazy ass slacker saint St. Patrick turned out to be. And YET he gets a holiday named after him, which proves you don't have to be a hard worker to get a holiday named after you, just have a good PR agent.

Whoa!! Alex (bless his heart. he made my day!) sent me this fabulous link to a police/actors site, which features police officers who are also actors. My only complaint? There ain't enough of 'em!!
Check out this hottie, Thomas Russo, a former NYPD Captain!!
Gawd, I LOVE that shaved head look! Talk about your daily serving of "HUBBA HUBBA"! My favorite part of his website is where it says, "Just a phone call away..." Would that it were true, baby!! Maybe I'll call him up and say, "Hey, I'm doing video and I need two cops. I already have the female lead," LOL! "and don't bother to bring clothes other than your uniform. You won't need em. Oh, and bring some KY and Jack Daniels for me..."

About Male Offspring #5's bedtime stories, Eric writes:"I'd think reading from *The Exorcist* would be just as bad. It
represents the same kind of superstition.
If you wanted to do poetic justice (as in "sparing not the paddleball"),
there are actually lots of bizarre and disturbing stories in the Bible.
You can probably find a list of them on some secular website."
Hmm, ok I'll look, but I think nothing would upset a Jesus freak more than hearing about the Devil.
BTW, love that "sparing not the paddleball" line.

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