Monday, March 13, 2006

am i hott or not

Mim writes: :you know all the people who have issues with your indepth and frank discussion on the attractiveness of this nations law enforcement personnel should shut the hell up. I came for the hott copps I stayed due to the witty banter.

IF they don't like it then they can go find blogs that boringly chart Jessica Simpson's love life or Brittney Spears on again off again wearing of shoes in public restrooms EWWWWHHHH barefoot in a public potty just gross, if I had respect for her before *notice the word if ... that would have killed it completely!!!* but since there was no respect before there is even less now.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know Goddess that I like when you chronicle the hotties, then later when my hubby and his nephew are watching cops I can give them both a running commentary of just how hot the cops they are watching are based on the Goddess system of hottness....

Just thought I would let you know *smile *"
Ha! Take THAT hott cop UN-fanatics!! Thank you for your support, Mim!

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