Monday, February 27, 2006

you tried to trade on my naivete

Hmm, I just heard they extinguished the Olympic flame Sunday night. AGAIN??? Gawd, how many times are they going to extinguish that damn thing? They just did it last week when the games ended!

Keith IM's: you won't be watching Court Tv on Tuesday night, right, Godi?
BITE ME, Keith!! Of course, I'll be watching even though I HATE THE MARDI GRAS EPS!!!
God forbid I should miss some HOTT New Orleans cops.

I was listening to some preacher--Hagee, I think--who talked about a "nuclear blanket" Iran is developing to blast us "back to the 19th century." He also talked about how he believes Russia, France and Germany are helping Iran achieve its goal of a nuclear holocaust. Great way to start the week. I can only hope that if they ARE going to blast us "back to the 19th century," they do it BEFORE I start making payments on my laptop.

I'm pissed. I want to know why the average snooze time on an alarm is 9 or 10 minutes? MAKE IT THIRTY ALREady!!
How many times must a woman hit the snooze before she finally gets up....................and moves the clock closer to the bed?

Tuesday night Court TV is having a COPS Mardi Gras marathon.
Why not just shove a screw driver in my ear? Or worse yet, run a back to back COPS from Mardi Gras Marathon and a COPS from BAWWWWWWWSTON Marathon?

So I spent much of Sunday afternoon as most women do--watching internet porn vids, scanning to see if I'd gotten any (MORE) trojan horses from said porn vids and deleting spyware from said porn vid sites. Sigh. Somebody remind me NOT to watch internet porn vids anymore. I'll BUY them instead.

Sally writes: "goddess, a question. i notice you update for mike south sometimes. i
emailed him and asked him to talk about bush and the port deals and he
didn't respond. Then yesterday he talked about not having anything to
write about. What gives?"
One can never really figure Mike out, Sally. he's like an enigma wrapped
in a riddle wrapped in sushi. If you want him to talk about the port bidness, email him and tell
him you think it's the next best thing since sliced bread and Americans
are idiots for not believing Bush had no knowledge of it whatsoever. He'll
either agree or verbally slice you to ribbons, but you have a much better chance
of getting an answer if it's the latter, so no matter how you feel, just say something outlandish to draw him out.

Well, they've determined that the "mysterious white powder" found in a Texas dorm was NOT Ricin.
No doubt it was DETERGENT, therefore unrecognizable to the average college student...

Bugzzz, who may or may not be having been watching internet porn on Sunday, writes: "Oh great--now you're stalking the doctors who are hot. Crap on a cracker, who are you Paris Hilton? She can't utter an entire sentence without using that word.
RE: Quayle* hunting with the Veep--I know many many many people who might benefit from a trip like that. Maybe you should call the White House and tell them you might be able to save the defecit with this new money making scheme of yours....
*pun intended--hehehe"
I'll take your word for the Paris crap thing. I'm not much of a fan. Hey, I *had* to give Dr. Gupta a hottie shout out! I see him on CNN all the time. But not to worry, I don't know that many other doctors. I'm guessing this was a one time award.

Did you know that the meat industry spikes meat with carbon monoxide to make it stay red longer? The carbon monoxide keeps the meat red five to FORTY DAYS, as opposed to the usual 3-5 days. John Catsimatidis, president of Gristedes' Stores, loves it because as he said, "We've had increased sales in products we never sold before." Yeah old meat.
I think it's terribly misleading. They tell you to check the "sell by" date and "smell" the meat. Hello? How the fuck do you "smell" meat that's in sealed plastic?? While color is not the major, or good indicator of freshness of meat, it's what a LOT of people go by, including myself. I've gotten used to bypassing that brown, disgusting meat.

I promised Jay pics of my latte mugs, damn it, and they're coming!!

I was watching BET "25 Hottest Black Couples"...who made the list? J Lo and Diddy.Can you really count as
a hot black couple if you're not together? And if one of you isn't even black?

Donald Trump and Martha Stewart are trashing each other because of the failure of Martha's show.
She blames him because she says her apprentice show was supposed to be the only one,
and he says she needs to take responsibility for the flop.
I think what they both need is a nice, relaxing Quail hunting trip with the Vice President.

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