Saturday, February 11, 2006

wouldn't it be loverly

Ya know the whole idea of donating money to charity in a woman's name for her Valentine's Day gift STILL makes me laugh when I think about it. I can see it now. She's sitting around with all her best friends, sharing their Valentine's Day gift stories..
"I got Godiva Chocolates!!!"
"I got these gorgeous emerald earrings!!"
"I got a receipt for a charitable donation in my name!!!!"
I'm a peace loving person, but I'd have to slap him silly....AND the woman who made that dumb suggestion in the first place.

The second COPS show tonight is a repeat--big surprise there. I'm not sure if the first one is new, but in the second show, they're re-running one of my all time favorite segments---when the idiots tried to steal one of the big flamingoes from outside The Flamingo Hotel. I can't for the life of me figure out how Officer Peter Connell kept a straight face, but believe me, HE DID! He was NOT seeing the humor in any of it, but I certainly was. Talk about a stunt that was doomed from the start...

They're having a "weather contest"--what fun!--on the Weather Channel. They show you a clip of "some place in the U.S." and if you can guess where it is, you might win $10k or a trip there. Today's clip showed snow covered mountains, and a horse and sleigh. Yippee!! I've already narrowed that place down to about 39 states...

This morning Mr. G asked me if I wanted a practical or impractical gift for Valentine's Day. DUH. IMpractical, of course.

Goddess' Hott Cop O'The Week Award goes to: Officer Richard Bulette of the San Diego Police Department.
(Zal probably knows him, but he wouldn't put in a good word for me. )
While I don't watch this Beach Patrol much cuz it seems like the same stuff over and over, they DO have a LOT of hott cops, like Officer Bulette.

While our attention was diverted by such inconsequential things as the war
in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina and abject poverty, a horrible injustice has been
.perpetuated against the American people!! Little Debbie snack
cakes, which used to contain five sleeves of cakes, NOW contains FOUR
sleeves and the cost has been raised by FIVE to TWENTY FIVE CENTS per box!!! I would suggest a
BOYCOTT of ALL Little Debbie Snack Cakes, but I love those honeybuns. And
my life wouldn't be worth shit without those Fudge Rounds.

Poor misguided, stupid Ken is missing his Sugar Mommy Barbie and is hoping against hope that his new makeover will win her back. Ken's new looks include: "...torn jeans, a leather jacket, vintage T-shirt and boots.The second look, described as Ken's "everyday" style, included board shorts, white T-shirt and sun-kissed hair." 'Sun kissed hair'???
Somebody PUHLEEZE tell Ken HE'S GAY. Evidently he doesn't have a clue.
Skip the makeover and just give the dude a HUGE, FREAKING COCK. That oughta win her back pronto.

Here's your Hoveround fact for the day: Guess who invented the Hoveround? A guy named Tom Cruise. BWAHAHAHA.

Bugzzz writes: "Last night on Entertainment Tonight (damn, I really do watch too much television) they made a big deal of a video that was shot yesterday showing Spears and Federline installing a new car seat in the infamous SUV.

Does this mean that they didn't have one in the car in the first place? [Goddess: Excellent point]
Spears is a double edged sword. If she hadn't been a "celebrity", no one would have gotten a photo of her driving with the kid on her lap. But IMHO, since she IS a celeb, she wasn't given a ticket.

If Jacko can get off (pardon the pun) for child molestation, there is no way in hell Spears will get a ticket.

*steps down from soapbox*"
I swear to God if she shows up on Oprah because of this....

Ok, I'm sick of hearing (and seeing) "Miss McNabb! Miss McNabb!" on the Chunky Soup commercials.
Screw her and her non-achiever son! Where's Mrs. Bettis and her son Jerome???

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