Wednesday, February 15, 2006

video killed the radio star

I am Goddess, hear me bitch. The Americans have FINALLY picked up a Bronze medal!!

I am SO PROUD OF ME!! I did my FIRST spreadsheet today. It was really important stuff, too. I compiled a complete list of all of my Hott Cop award winners, listed the city and the dates they were "chosen." Out of 106 Hott Cops (and Deputies), 6 were from Albuquerque, 8 were from Fort Worth, 5 were from Fresno, 10 were from Vegas, 6 were from Palm Beach, and 12 were from Pierce County. Officers chosen for this prestigious award more than once were: Officer Richard Bulette (2), Officer Rudy Reynoso (2),
Sgt. Brian Witt (3), Deputy Jason Villiers (2), and Officer Christopher Curtis (2).

I'm watching the interview on Oprah with the teenager, Justin, who was "lured" into internet porn, and I don't know how I'm supposed to feel about him. Clearly he's an intelligent kid, so it's difficult to swallow this "I was seduced into this lifestyle" attitude that Oprah is pushing. The first day he installed his webcam, Justin admitted he got himself a Pay Pal account when a stranger offered him $50 to take off his shirt. He said he had several IM's within seconds of putting up his camera, and that sounds a bit odd. Where did he have his screen name listed so that people could contact him so quickly? He seemed to know what he was doing.
He had no qualms about taking off his pants when things progressed, and when Oprah asked him how he felt about masturbating in front of the camera, he's like, "I was just doing what all teenagers do," and he was getting paid for it. He was receiving expensive gifts and money, and he even flew to Vegas for the weekend courtesy of a rich businessman. THEN Justin said something I really didn't buy, when Oprah asked him if he knew that the online folks that were talking to him were pedophiles, and he said, "I thought they were my friends." You're clever enough to start your own business online, yet you're not clever enough to know that friends don't ask friends to masturbate for $? At one point, he had 1500 people paying him for his performances, so I just don't believe that.
Of course, my feelings did change when Justin's experiences went from the internet to reality, because it was no longer something he was doing by himself. But again, at no point did he seem to want to stop. He kept accepting gifts and $ in exchange for the sex and sexual imagines. Even when he went to his dad, and his dad wanted to know where he got all of his money, when Justin told him, the dad offered to "help" him make even more money. Even then, he didn't say, "Dad, I want out of this," he allowed his dad to help. Of course that's totally creepy and disgusting that your dad would bring home chicks for you to have online sex with, but at no point did this kid seem to want "out." Granted, he was a teen, but he was a sharp teen who seemed to know what he wanted.
I've noticed that Oprah always has a tendency to put HER molestation experiences front and center over the guest's experiences and then draw parallels, whether they're there or not. I do think it's great that this kid is coming forward and showing people exactly what goes on with kids and pedophiles on the internet.

The first person to sneak peanut butter and crackers to Saddam gets their ass kicked!!!!!!!

Here's a situation I'd like opinions on: if a man gives a woman an engagement ring and the engagement is ended, is she required to return the ring? In 1999, the PA supreme court ruled that the ring was a "conditional gift" and had to be returned. I disagree. A gift is a gift. I don't think she should HAVE to return it. It would be NICE if she did, but I don't think she's obligated. I also think that the more bitter the break up, the less likely he is to ever see the ring again. What do you think?

The Goddess Official Olympic Medal count is: 5 gold and 2 silver. Let me just say that I am EXTREMELY disappointed that not one American athlete has bothered to grab a bronze medal. Let me also say that I think the American swim team is doing a fantastic job! Keep up the good work, guys. (And gals.) The eyes of the country are upon you.

MsPig2u posted an article about an NYPD Sergeant who refused a $50k bribe and a luxury car in exchange for fixing a federal case against the guy's friend, and instead turned the guy in.
The cop was not only honest, he was smart. At one point, the "thug" gave him a USED diamond studded wrist watch as part of a downpayment. COME ON. A USED watch?! Obviously this guy flunked "Bribery 101."

Last night I made a mad dash to the mall with my gf so she could pick out a last minut Valentine's Day gift for her guy. We got out in the parking lot and some guy two cars over yells, "HEY!" When we turned to look, he flashed us and started stroking himself. My gf is like, "OMG! That's disgusting! I'm calling the police." I'm like, "Yeah, you do that, but don't rush. It would be rude not to let the guy finish, especially when he seems to have such a good "head" start." Of course, I think I might have ruined "his moment" when I started laughing. I just couldn't help it. A grown man standing in the parking lot jerking off looks COMICAL.

Once again, I hate the fake drama they try to inject in "reality" shows,
like American Idol. Last night I was lulled into a false sense of laziness
after watching Seinfeld. So much so that I couldn't lift my hand to locate
the remote when American Idol came on. Then I heard this from one of the
contestants: "I'm exhausted. I'm thirsty. I'm hungry." Chill. It's
American Idol, not Survivor. But it gave me the strength and more
importantly the DESIRE to MOVE to change the channel.

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