Friday, February 03, 2006

today is where your book begins

While every web site mention is good because as they say "any press is good press," sometimes you get one of those "kiss of death" mentions. The post will go something like this: "when I woke up today, I thought it was going to be the most WONDERFUL DAY OF MY LIFE. Instead I discovered that my kitten Precious was DEAD!!!! Of CANCER!!! I will never feel his furry little paws on my cheeks again or kiss his sweet little nose. I HAVE LOST EVERYTHING THAT WAS DEAR TO ME!!! BTW, check out The World of Goddess. It's funny."

Whoa. Goddess' Hott Cop O'The Week award goes to: Officer John Poplawoski of the Des Moines, Iowa Police Department.

Still haven't started those squats the chiro suggested. I did follow his other two suggestions. He told me to use a straight backed chair and to watch my posture. My hip has been bothering me at night and every three weeks or so I have to have my lower back put into place. When the lower back is out, the hip goes out. He said the easiest way to put the lower back out is bad posture. (Bad, bad posture!) Since I am guilty of slouching, especially when I'm on the computer, I've had to pay very close attention to my posture all week. I changed to a straight backed chair, and although my upper back is screaming at the notion that it has to stay straight all day,
my hip hasn't bothered me at night the way it had been.
Of course, it's only been one week since I've been adjusted, so time will tell.

Anybody watch Strong Medicine? Lemme know, please....

One of my co-workers stinks of Vicks VapoRub all the time. Unfortunately everything she touches also stinks of Vicks. This morning I came into work early and started filling the pills for the week. Normally this is part of my job, but lately she's felt the need to take over. Just as quickly, she's decided she has other things to do. So I opened up the one bottle and I'm thinking, "What the HELL reeks of Vicks VapoRub?"
I put the bottle to my nose and YUCK! It stunk to high heaven. One of my co-workers
said, "That's nothing. Last week the ice cube trays smelled of Vicks!"

What is this world coming to? Apparently innocent little Jodi Sweeten, one of the Full House brats,
had a meth problem which destroyed her marriage.
She used meth, because apparently, unlike Whitless, she could NOT afford the better drugs.
Ok, here's the scary part...her husband was a police officer and had no idea she even had a problem, yet she was using every day. Don't think I'd want him as an eye witness. She says she started doing the drug because she was bored and out of work. Hmm, I find looking in the WANT ADS is a much better starting point to finding employment.
Lordy, I hope she doesn't start showing up on all the talk shows so she can 'HELP PEOPLE with her experience".
(Ooops, too late. She was on GMA yesterday. Sigh)
What GIVES with the Full House curse? One Olsen chicks has either a drug problem or an eating problem and they BOTH have a fashion problem--they dress like bag ladies. The oldest chick has become some sort of Jebus freak and now Jodi is a meth addict. See? That's what being exposed to high amounts of sappy cuteness does to you!!

I saw a commercial for one of those dummakeover shows and they said, "Things were so bad, they were washing dishes in the tub!!" WTF? They say that as if it's a bad thing! I find it not ONLY refreshing, but a timesaver to be able to bathe and wash the dishes at the same time.
Of course when I wind up with bits of lettuce in my cooch...well, not so good.

LOL....I loved the story on CNN this morning about one of the producers of James Bond movies who was arrested for soliciting an undercover officer. I'm guessing the story was written by a woman. The dude was in drag and she described him thusly "....was wearing a black wig and off the shoulder dress."

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