Saturday, February 18, 2006

she sits so refined and drinks herself half blind

Ok, people, here's your question for the day: what is the one material possession you would save in a fire? (and this is where I'd insert an email link for your convenience, but every time I try that lately my Dreamweaver closes on me with an error, so use the email icon above)
Of course, I"m EXCLUDING pets cuz I don't consider them to be "material possessions"--besides they can run out themselves.
Hmmm, I hate to admit this, but I think I'd take my laptop. I thought about it long and hard and ASSuming my car is in the garage and out of the range of the flames, I'd have to take the laptop. I'm thinking "would I grab the big wedding pic of Mr G and I taken 25 years ago in which we both looked incredibly happy?" (You know the one that was taken before life had a chance to beat us down...) Then I thought, "Well hell we could just take a NEW pic....on somebody else's camera, of course, cuz mine would have been burned up. And I can't write or update my site on a wedding picture, and I'd be pretty miserable if I lost my trailer, all my possessions AND the ability to bitch about it on the internet...." Gotta go with the laptop. I asked Mr. G what he'd save and after a LOT of thought he said, "hmm, maybe the tv, unless we could get a better one through the insurance $." I said, "Sorry, no can do. I need you to grab that wedding picture of you and me...."

Oooo, exciting pics from the Olympics on my main site....

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