Tuesday, February 07, 2006

little bunny foo foo hopping through the forest

showed me a quiz called "every time you
masturbate, which kitten does God kill?" and I'm sorry but I must point
out the stupidness of a couple of the q's. Stupid Question #1: "last time
you masturbated, did you orgasm?" Choices are: Yes, No, OTHER and FU.
OTHER??? Other WHAT? "No, I didn't orgasm, but milk did shoot out of my
nose!" Stupid Question #2: "When you masturbate, do you think of girls or
guys or both?" Answers: Girls, guys, OTHER, FU. Again, what OTHER when the
three choices are clearly laid out for you in the question?!

In answer to my question about Terry Bradshaw not showing up for the Super
Bowl past MVP presentation, Zal pointed me to a news article on ESPN that
stated that both Bradshaw and Montana declined to come because they wanted
paid for their appearance. If it's true, FUCK THEM. Montana reportedly
asked for $100k. Both said they had family conflicts, which doesn't make a
whole lot of sense in Bradshaw's case. He said he wanted "to be with his
family" yet he was there on the 2nd for the MVP banquet. As it was,
they're given $1k for expenses, PLUS they get car rental, game tickets and
plane tickets. What the hell more do they want?? Oh, yeah, an APPEARANCE
FEE. Again, if it's true, FUCK THEM. I'm just wondering if it isn't true,
though, because they didn't even bother to mention their names! And if
money was the issue, rightly so then.

My backlight is arriving tomorrow, so Gateway should have my laptop fixed by Thursday morning. I hope they don't send that same doofus out here that they sent before. The one that told me my icon screen was "too busy" and that the noises I had on my computer "bothered him."

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