Sunday, February 05, 2006

i'm sick of being followed

Well, it never fails. You always have that one goofball who writes into the editorial section of the newspaper and tries to equate the Superbowl with Jesus.
"Sure all this enthusiasm for the Steelers going to the Super Bowl is fantastic, but What about Jesus?" Heck, I'm sure they'd have the same enthusiasm if Jesus was in the Super Bowl.

The backlight went out on my laptop. Damn. I haven't even made a payment on it and it's only three months old! Gateway RepairDude said, "I'm looking at your coverage, and you can send it back to us if you'd like." I said, "Umm, no. I have onsite service, and I'd like them to come to the house." He said, "Oh yeah, we could do that." Damn straight. I HATE the thought of turning my little laptop over to ANYONE!! In the meantime, I have to hook my desktop monitor to my laptop to update my site. Do you know how strange that feels to be typing on the laptop but looking at the desktop??

Goddess's HOTT COP O'The Week Award goes to: Officer John Campor of the Las Vegas Metro Police. OH. MY. GAWD. Not only is Officer Campor HOTT, but he has a phone sex voice!! I did phone sex for THREE YEARS and ran across maybe four guys who had a phone sex voice, and I talked to thousands in that time period. If Officer Campor whispered, "I wanna fuck you," I can guarantee you, I'd get all misty................down there. Yaya, too much information, whatevah. I loved his sarcasm, too. I didn't catch what the suspect said to him, but right away he came back with, "I've been doing this job for three days now. I'm pretty good at it." LOL. Gotta heart that cop sarcasm.....but again, only when it's directed at someone else.

We had our taxes done Saturday night, and I HATE it when people talk down to me like I'm an idiot. The guy who does our taxes and has done them for the last 16 years, says, "I'll ONLY charge you $40 for your taxes and $40 for Female Offspring #1's taxes because you're not making that much money and I think you're good people." What did he charge us last year? $30 each....I nearly fell off my chair when he said $80. FO #1's was a bit more complicated than ours since she took some classes and qualified for the Lifetime Credit, but even so, $20 per return is ridiculous when you consider that he did everything over the computer. And hell, he didn't even file electronically, the cheap ass.

MSN listed the five signs of job burnout. Let's see if I have them, shall we? (We shall.)
1. "Your co-workers tip toe around you as if on eggshells." Who cares? I hate them. Oops sorry, Mom. I "despise" them.
Speaking of which, Overtime Hawg called me this morning at 8 a.m.
Screw her. I'm not even calling her back.
2. "You arrive late and leave early." Nope and nope.
3. Apathy has replaced enthusiasm." Who knows and who cares?
4. "You've lost camraderie with your co-workers." Who cares? I despise them.
Did I mention Overtime Hawg is continously bothering me on my off time?
5. "You are physically sick."
Well my ass does ache at the end of day from sitting around, yakking it up on the internet...does that count?

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