Wednesday, February 01, 2006

if i could fall into the sky do you think time would pass me by

FANTASTIC NEWS, KIDS!!! Mr. G called me at work to tell me we WON a BRAND NEW CAR!!!!
And here's the best part--we didn't even enter a "win a brand new car" contest!!! Doesn't get much better than that, kids!

Oooooooooooooooooooooooo COPS is going to have a FULL HOUR of Las Vegas Heat on February 11th.
Vegas has some of the hottttttest cops!!

Oh give me a break. A Manhattan social worker is suing James Frey and his publisher for $10 million dollars saying she was "injured" by his lies. She recommended the book to several people who were struggling with drug and alcohol abuse and naturally that entitles her to $10 million dollars. She felt the publisher should have fact checked. Hell, I've been "injured" by Martha Stewart's promotion of the unattainable goal of perfect mother, wife and hostess, but you don't see ME suing!! Note to self: call lawyer and check into possiblity of suing Martha Stewart. Lady, get in line, collect the $14.95 refund that ya paid for the book and shuddup.

WORDS OF WISDOM: "....but when you decide to have had a difficult childhood,
that's really owning your past..."
Stephen Colbert on James' Frey and why he had no problem with Frey fabricating parts of his book.

Goddess' Hott Cop O'The Week Award goes to: Officer Kelly Sullivan, of Metro Dade Police Department

Poor Vince Vaughn hasn't figured out he's Jennifer Aniston's transition guy.
But I'm guessing transition guy is not a bad place to be. On the one hand, you have to listen to her endless whining
about her ex, but on the other hand, you get to have sex with her, knowing the relationship isn't going to last, so you really don't have to put much effort into it.

It definitely pays to bitch. Sunday night Court TV began putting the police officer's name
ABOVE their blurb at the bottom of the screen
promoting the next show, instead of obscuring it.

Well this is GREAT NEWS and it gives me yet another reason to blame my weight problem on others!!!
Scientists think they have discovered a fat "virus" that you can catch from other people.
Oooh, I just can't wait to drive out and infect everybody in da 'hood.

I was at work yesterday and the boss called and said, "Do you have any plans for Friday?"

I said, "Why? What does Overtime Hawg want now?"
She said, "She wants to know if you'll work for her on Friday. She has a doctor's appointment and she said if she doesn't
keep it, it'll be four or five months until he can fit her in."
I said, "I"m so SICK of THIS SHIT." I just want to the hell out of her AND the boss.
The boss is like "oh, I know, I know." Pfffft.
Maybe if she wasn't so busy riding the friggin' fence, she'd have time to deal with this damn problem.
I said, "Why are you calling me? Why didn't she call me herself?"
My boss said, "She was afraid you'd say "no"."
Gee, could that be cuz she's been fucking bothering me every week FOR MONTHS now?!
I said, "I have news for you. If I had had an appointment, I would have said "no" to you, too.
So if she thinks you calling is giving her an edge, she's wrong."

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