Wednesday, February 22, 2006

i dont know whats worth fighting for or why i have to scream

Today is Washington's birthday. As you know, Washington could not tell a lie.
Well, he DID tell a lie, then he SAID, "I cannot tell a lie," after the fact, which made him an excellent candidate for politics.

Did you read about the three Arab men who lived in Ohio and were arrested for "conspiracy to kill, kidnap, maim, or injure people or damage property in a foreign country. They were also charged with conspiracy to kill Americans and harboring or concealing terrorists." I KNEW Ohio was the seat of all EVIL!!!!! (Hey, Bugs, how's it going?)

WW sent me this excellent video clip yesterday about aging parents. It was an well written piece, and I especially liked the part that said, "If, when we speak to you, we repeat the same things over and over not interrupt us..listen to us. When you were small, we had to read to you a thousand and one times the same story until you went to sleep..."
You can see the vid in it's entirety here.

I called work last night to ask the evening girl a question and who answers the phone? Overtime Hawg.
Yeah, she's so damn sick she can't work on Monday but she's NEVER too sick to get overtime.
I liked my job until she came to work there and now I just hate dealing with her shit all the time.
Today I lost a HUGE amount of respect for my boss over this. I have worked there the longest and have always been the
first to offer to help her out on holidays and Sundays when nobody else wanted to work.
She should have called me and asked me if I wanted a night.
No more. Fuck that. My "loyalty" has been rewarded with
a knife in the back. As much as Overtime Hawg grates on my nerves, anytime there is overtime to be had, I have always suggested it be divided evenly. When I'm not there, she takes it all for herself and fuck everybody else.
But the reason I've lost respect for my boss is this: she doesn't make a decision and stick with it. She's two faced. If she's with me, she's agreeing with me. If she's with Overtime Hawg, she's agreeing with her. I've seen it time and time again. She is the one who should be deciding who works overtime and who doesn't, but she's letting Overtime Hawg run her and that's not right. So fuck it, fuck her.
I'm not letting this bother me anymore. I'm doing my 30 hours a week and the hell with the rest of it. I'm not lifting a finger to do anything other than what I was originally hired to do.
I get angry with myself because as much as I tell myself I have to get my writing goals front and center and get the fuck out of there and start using my talents to better myself, I continue to procrastinate. Hopefully, this will be the kick in the ass I need.

I spent a good bit of the day eating the art projects I used to keep the offspring busy yesterday. I forced them--I mean "taught" them how to make log cabins much like the one Abe Lincoln lived in using only pretzel sticks, a penny and a small milk carton. I'm 99% sure log cabins were made of pretzel sticks in the old days.
I feel these sorts of projects teaches them about history, allows them to connect as siblings through teamwork, and it gives me something to nosh on for a few days. You use the penny for the doorway and glue the sticks to the carton to represent the logs. It was really cute and I made sure they used full milk cartons so I'd have something to wash down the pretzels today. Then we made the usual busts of Washington using glitter, glue and macaroni. And of course, I had the kids boil the macaroni first so it would be more digestible today. I ripped the mac off the construction paper, added cheese and it made a hearty lunch. I've noticed that Elmer's glue and glitter really seems add flavor to food. Next month we're going to build leprechaun traps. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they work much better than the magic reindeer food scam of '04.

Stephen Colbert: "Why shouldn't people be allowed to smoke wherever they want?"
Non-smoking advocate: "Why shouldn't people be allowed to masturbate wherever they want?"
Stephen Colbert (VERY deadpan): "I ask myself that question every day."

Ok, this gave me my big laugh for the day. I saw the following search string on my stats: "free hypnosis to make a
man think a penis is a vagina." Give it up, gurls. Once they've played for the other team, there's no getting them back.

Bad night for Mr. G's dad. He became very combative and they had to tie him down and sedate him.

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