Thursday, February 23, 2006

i break tradition sometimes my tries are outside the lines

Thanks to everyone who has asked about/sent good thoughts concerning Mr. G's dad. They're in the process of doing a psych evaluation and from what I heard, he didn't do too badly on the general questions sections. Now that I've talked to him more extensively, I don't believe dementia is his problem, so much as his temper and his need to control. I told Mr. G to suggest a mild tranquilizer/nerve medication. They started to do a stress test on him, but he was on heart medication and he needed to be off of the one specific med 48 hours before the test, so they stopped it and they'll redo that this morning. We went to see him last night and they had given him Xanax, Mr. G and I talked to his nurse and asked if she would mention to the doctor about keeping him on it permanently. He was as different as day and night when we went into his room. Just as pleasant and talkative as could be, but most importantly, he was very clear on his facts. He said, "I've been trying to get you all day, but the line was busy." We explained to him about the phone, then one of the nurses came in and he said, "I had her call several times today." So he knew what was going on and he knew which specific nurse he had been talking to most of the day. Hell, he even told me that he loved me when we were leaving--a sure sign he was high on more than life.
He has never even said anything remotely like that the entire 25 years I've been married to his son.
Mr. G has to take his mother to the doctor's for blood work tomorrow and for some grocery shopping, so I volunteered to go to their house and clean while they're out. Yes, you read that right, I volunteered. Mr. G has been telling me for some time about how dirty everything is and I know like most people, my mother-in-law is too proud to ask. My father-in-law is the kind that's too goofy to allow anyone into the house, so no one has been able to clean or do anything, and now is the perfect time before he gets out of the hospital. Mr. G mentioned that his mother's clothes weren't very clean the other day and they were ALWAYS very picky about being clean and neat, so I told him I'd go down and do the laundry and clean as much as I can. Besides if HE notices, well, it must be a mess.

About that evil O-HI-O, Bugzzz writes: "The only reason Ohio is evil is because my mother-in-law lives here."

Zal has decided to keep a list of all the stupid things I say.
What a short list that will be, but good for him.
We all need a purpose in life, and I'm sure it will give him a will to live in tough times. I suggested he use a spreadsheet. They're much handier. I, in turn, shall be keeping a list of all the times I talk to him and he's drunk off his ass. We'll just see who has the longer list.

I chatted online briefly yesterday morning, with no problem. But when I logged on towards noontime, my modem would dial, but instead of calling the internet provider computer, it would simply go back to dialtone. So I called the phone company and as with any utility problem, I asked if anyone else in my area was experiencing problems. They said "no," and told me to go outside and plug my landline into the phone box to see if I could get the dial tone there. Unfortunately, while they included instructions on the phone box, they put them on the LID of the box. I pREFER they put them next to the actual place they want you to plug in your phone jack with a big red arrow pointing towards it as further back up. There was nothing inside that even so much as resembled my walljack plug, so I called back and talked to the phone company chick for the third time. It pays to keep calling, my friends.
She said, "Are you blonde?"
I said, "L'oreal Extra Light Ash Blonde #23, SOMETIMES Golden Blonde #45, and if I'm feeling REALLY
experimental Honey Blonde #8, but how did YOU know?"
Then she said, "I'll tell you what. I'll tell them not to charge you for the test because you were unable to do it yourself." Amen, sister.
She said, "IF the problem is inside, he will discuss your options."
Ok, at this point, I already know "discuss your options" is code for "make sure you're sitting down when he tells you how much this bullshit is going to cost you if it's on the inside of your house." I said, "I believe my only "option" is that I have a working phone." It's tantamount to a dry fuck, my friends. I said, "Just tell me how much it's going to cost now." She said, "it will cost you $93 for the first HALF HOUR and $30 for every half hour after that." O....O....O...yeah as IF.
Three years ago when I had the phone jack installed in Female Offspring #1's corner of our hovel, it was $80 for the first HOUR. Fucking thieves. Thankfully when Mr. G came home later in the day he mentioned that they had phone problems all day at work, so I jumped into my trusty Hoveround, drove two feet to the neighbor's front door, and sho' nuff they had the same problem. Apparently someone was doing construction and cut into a phone line. Further proof that you should always ignore those "contact the phone company/gas company/water company BEFORE digging to find out where your lines are" posters.

I wonder if it's possible to find the television series The Ghost and Mrs. Muir on DVD? I loved that show and Edward Mulhare was one of my first manly man crushes.
I'll have to research it when I'm at "work."

I'm trying very hard not to get bitter and upset about the problems at work. I feel that I've always lived by the "treat people the way you want to be treated rule" and that if I"m nice to people, they'll return the favor. By and by that's been the case, but then you have the people who see your kindness as weakness and try to exploit you. But last night, I made a conscious decision NOT to let this run me and all day/night long I kept saying, "Let go and let God" every time I thought about it. Now all I need to do is put on that thick rubber band and snap my wrist every time I mentally "go there." I have to make a conscious effort NOT to get sucked into the drama of this when I get back to work, because my one boss LIVES for drama. She gets everybody going about something, then it's resolved and she's onto something else.
I can only neutralize it by staying out of it and refusing to comment on it.
I woke up yesterday morning kinda depressed and half way through the day I thought, I have so much going for me: my family, my health, my friends, my insane mutt, my sweet, sweet laptop and Hoveround, and I am not gonna get depressed about this. Then I swallowed a couple of St. John's Wort tablets and forced myself to MOVE and take my mind off "stuff." Zal asked me earlier what I was going to do and when I said "clean," he told me I was a wild woman. I didn't want to tell him it was my turn to sponsor the weekly "Orgy and Hoveround-up" here in the trailer court because I knew he'd be jealous.

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