Saturday, February 18, 2006

i banished every memory you and i had ever made

Having a few days off together has really helped the sex life!!! Being in the City of Love--Turin--doesn't seem to hurt either;)

Good grief. How long are these stupid Olympics going to last?! I've been here FOREVER and I have a horrible suntan. My fair skin can't take this sort of heat. And the humidity! Well, don't even get me started. Mr. G just lays around in bed all day ordering room service and asking if we can get Seinfeld reruns here. Can't says I blame him. If I had known for one minute that the Olympics had anything to do with sports, I would have passed on this assignment.

I see a lot of parents are getting into teaching their baby/young children sign language.
I think it would be a big step up if many of them took the time to teach them to speak proper English. Yanno, if ya axe me.
(Oh no she di-nt!)

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