Thursday, February 02, 2006

how i've waited for today when i could finally say you jerk

I was watching Oprah today and she had Susan St. James and her family on discussing the death of her son. I felt so bad for her. It was clear that she, along with the rest of her family were in so much pain. What really stuck with me and made me cry was when she said one of her kids asked for her late son's computer monitor and she said, "But what if he wants it back?" Luckily they seem to be a very close knit family and the boys seem to be leaning on each other, which was wonderful to see.

BugzZz writes: "It has been way to long since I've complained about your BG's. The one you have up now --while it makes me feel like I have a bad hangover, what with the seeing double--is much much better than the convo hearts you had up earlier. Reason being--I like the taste of alcohol, but convo hearts taste like the antacid that I have to take after drinking the alcohol.
We now return you to your regular HOTT Cops yak session."
You people NEVER appreciate my artistic endeavors!
They weren't convo hearts so much as JELLIED hearts! HA! So there!
I liked that background....even though it made me incredibly hungry.

Whoa. Overtime Hawg got caught in her lies. The boss sat down this afternoon and told me she wanted to talk to me about Overtime Hawg's frequent requests and why they bothered me. I explained to her that they were pretty much a weekly thing and had been for months. She isn't around as often as my other boss. She said, "Well, this last time, she said she could get an appointment with the female doctor, but she didn't like her, and if she didn't take this appointment Friday, she'd have to wait for months." I said, "That's funny. She told me she liked the female doctor, but couldn't get an appointment with her. She had to wait for the male doctor." The boss was pissed. She said, "From now on when she wants off, I'M going to fill in for her. She's going to lose those hours." I said, "But what about if I need off? I'm switching for her so she'll do the same for me, if necessary." She said, "Don't worry. If you need off, I'll give you off, but no more for her." AMEN!

Wow. Didn't take James Blunt long to be a sell out. He already sold a song to be used in the Hilton commercials.

I cannot believe Mr. G is accusing me of being lazy. Juuuust because I make the offspring feed me now is no reason to use the "l" word.
I'm "saving" those muscles.

In what could possibly be a bad omen, Punxsy Phil pissed all over his handler before proclaiming there would be six more weeks of winter. It amazes me how this is catching on. There were thousands of people in Punxsy today and even some from foreign countries! The funny thing is Phil is only 39% accurate!

I saw one of my favorite Drew Carey epsiodes yesterday. It's the one where they decide to sneak into the Brown's game by
hiding inside porta-pottys. They spend all night in the pp's, and burst out of them only to discover they're still OUTSIDE of the stadium.

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