Monday, February 06, 2006


One of the local stores had "SuperBowl Specials" yesterday. This is what they were: Old El Paso Salsa (ok that one makes sense), Anacin Pain Reliever (for the losing team fans I guess), Grease Lightning Multi Purpose Cleaner (huh?) and my absolute favorite, Fact Plus Pregnancy Tests (double huh??) LOL!

Saturday when I talked to the guys at Gateway. I gave them all my information, including my address twice. This morning the chick from Gateway verify my address and tell me they were waiting on UPS to give them an ETA on the part. Interesting, but Gateway no longer has toll free tech support. Luckily Female Offspring #1 was home and she has free weekend minutes on her cell. I was on the phone 24 minutes and I swear he knew the problem within the first five. It only took that long cuz I had to move to another room to hook up the monitor.

Wow.What a fantastic game last night! Poor Holly. She was traumatized by all our yelling and screaming.

When they were introducing past Super Bowl MVP's Sunday night, where the heck was Terry Bradshaw? He was MVP twice. They intro'ed Swann and Franco, but no Bradshaw.

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