Friday, February 10, 2006

a day in the life

Just saw the video for Deputy Brandon Groves American Idol audition. While he's a hottie,
there's no making up for that vid OR for singing "I Shot The Sheriff" while in uniform....
But ya know what? I"m just shallow enough to let him slide. Yep he's a hottie, so I"m looking the other way.............
Besides, you just KNOW that one of these days/nights he's going to stop some drunk and the
nitwit's gonna yell, "Hey, aren't you the guy who shot the sheriff? BWAHAHAHAHA!!!"
That's punishment enough.

Anita writes: "Goddess, you don't "squeeze the oil" out of Emus. They have to be rendered."
Rendered? So I'm guessing maybe the birds have to be dead first??
Granted it will be a tad messier than squeezing, but who knows more about
rendering than the Goddess of the Rendering Plant???

Why did the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department back down from issuing Britney Spears a ticket for
driving with her 5 month old baby on her lap? Any other mother would have been ticketed.

OMG!!! A vodka shortage in Russia??!! What is this world coming to??

I love a good DARK chocolate now and then--Dove being my favorite--but now Hershey has an Extra Dark bar with 60% cacao. (As IF I care about the percentage of cacao in each bar. Not like I"m eating candy for my health.)
So I tried this "chock full o'flavanol antioxidants" candy bar and I found it a tad TOO bitter.
Dove Dark is still the best, IMHO.

Mr. G has GOT to love his Valentine's Day gift this year!! I bought him a Super Bowl shirt and a commemorative Super Bowl magazine. Damn. Wish the Steelers would win the SB every year. It would certainly make this Valentine's Day gift giving so much easier!
I know he had his eye on one of the new Super Bowl baseball hats, but those suckers were $30.

Oh, lordy, they're calling for a winter storm tomorrow and Sunday. Sigh.
Mr. G starts his vacation, but I have to work. Luckily, his car has studded tires
on all four tires, so if it gets too bad, I'll just take his car.

Bugzz writes: "I happened to be watching Leno last night (no I do not make a habit of this) and during his monologue he said, "You know, tonight we have (first name I cannot remember for the life of me -Jerome?) Bettis on the know they call him "The Bus".....the other night we had Terry Bradshaw on, also from the Steelers, but he's called "The Short Bus".
In other asshole news, various sources are reporting that batshit-crazy-couch-jumper Tom Cruise has his baby vehicle Katie Holmes "tucked away", and that he doesn't want her to continue her career in acting because he doesn't want her to "turn into another Nicole". He wants her to stay home and take care of the kids.
I think that's great--if that's what she wants to do. I doubt he's asked her....he's probably told her what 
she's going to do. Can you say brainwashed?'
Damn it. I'm missing all these players on late night tv! That's what happens when you're sound asleep at 8:30 p.m.
Hmmm, If terry bradshaw doesn't like to be on the super bowl cuz it isn't on the FOX network,
why doesn't he have any problem being on the Tonight Show on NBC? BTW, they used to say that Bradshaw was so "smart" that he couldn't spell cat if you spotted him the "c" and the "t".....
As for Tom, the "upside" if you will, to having a young and impressionable wife is that you can pretty much "mold" her into what you want.
However, when she gets a mind of her own, LOOK OUT! I haven't been reading much on the Tom Cruise situation
because quite frankly I don't like him and I never have seen his appeal. Add being a religious nut to the mix, and he's really unappealing. Overtime Hawg left her People Mag here at work and one article says that Tom insists the baby be born according to Scientology edicts, which means it will be born at home in total silence. I guess all of Katie's screams will be mental shrieks.

Gateway Repair dude just left. He spent about 20 minutes ripping the entire laptop apart, keyboard and all,
only to discover that they had sent an entire lid/screen.
All he had to do was pop off the old top half of my laptop and pop on the new.
He said, "i guesss I should have checked first..." Sigh.

Goddess' Hott Cop O'The Week award goes to: "Officer Darrin Densley of Las Vegas
Metro (North West Area) PD. Gawd, I love that shaved head look.

It's time once again for another World of Goddess book club selection. This week we will all be reading, "Daddy is a Doodlebug" by Bruce Degen. Ok, let me tell you why I did not like this book. The author makes up words, and not even good words. Words like "potoddlechips"=potato chips, "foodlebug"=guy who likes food, "poodlebug"=their dog, "padoodle"=what you do to a canoe, "firefloodles"=fire flies. PUHLEEZEOODLE already!! I totally believe in a child using their imagination, but young children shouldn't be exposed to books that largely consist of "words" that aren't words. You know this is a BIG Goddess gripe. Just ask Dr. Seuss, if he wasn't dead. Many is the time I reamed him out for this very thing.

Damn it. Instead of raising those cute, little, delicious Alpacas, I should have raised Emus. I just purchased a pain relieving ointment (kinda like a health nut's answer to Ben Gay) that contains "PURE Emu oil." And they say that as if it's something precious. It must be, the 4 oz jar sells for $15-20. Hell, I could have raised Emu's and squeezed out their oil every day and sold it. Sounds a lot like that whole breast milk scheme....

Remember the Valentine's Day article on MSN that I was bitching about yesterday? The "what not to get her" article? Well today they have a "gifts for her" article and guess what some of the gifts are???? Small jewelry, picture frames, candy, KEY CHAINS (ya gotta love that), stuffed animals...all the same shit they told you NOT to buy in the Ten Worst Valentine's Day Gifts article!!

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