Sunday, January 08, 2006

system of a down

Well my week off was cut dramatically short. After two days I was called back to work because one of the women I work with is sick. I just hope *I* last. My gallbladder has been funky since yesterday. Usually I get a sharp pain, but this is worst--it's tender and tender indicates inflammation. Keep your fingers crossed it passes. I haven't eaten anything fried and that's usually what sets it off, so again, hoping it passes.

I taped the new SWAT shows, Dallas SWAT and Texas SWAT and was flipping between the two of them since they both came on at the same time. Texas SWAT seems to
be more about the work and Dallas SWAT seems to be following one guy and showing his personal life as well as his work. I may be dead wrong on that as I watch more of Texas SWAT and if I am I'll let you know. It's just that everything I saw related to the job on that show.
Texas SWAT is on Court TV and Dallas SWAT is on A&E.
Dallas SWAT wasn't bad, but I'm not really watching a SWAT show to see if the guy can get a date with the hairdresser he broke up with a few weeks prior, ya know? I think I would like it a lot more if they profiled a different SWAT guy each time, but next week's previews seem to show a lot of the same guy again.
Maybe I just wasn't that into the guy profiled, I don't know.

Some of the AVN award winners:
Best Actress - Video
Janine, Pirates, Digital Playground/Adam & Eve

Best Actor - Film
Randy Spears, Eternity, Wicked Pictures

Best Director - Video
Joone, Pirates, Digital Playground/Adam & Eve

Female Performer of the Year
Audrey Hollander

Best Director - Film
Paul Thomas, The Devil in Miss Jones, Vivid Entertainment Group

Best New Starlet
McKenzie Lee

As I read through the list, I think, "HOLY HELL!! Randy Spears is STILL in porn?!"
If he was a woman, he would have been booted to da curb years ago.

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