Thursday, January 05, 2006

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On COPS, Hottie Deputy Robert Sandt, Palm Beach County, Florida, stopped to chat with a known drug user and he asked her where she got her money,
she said, "Well, you know I have a job." He said, "What kind of job?" She said, "Well, you know I'm in sales."
LOL.. great way to describe prostitution.

Who knew?! There's a Hoveround group on Yahoo!

Did you read about the South Korean dude who set himself on fire after receiving a $300 fine for disturbing the peace.
Maybe it's just me, but I think he took it fairly well.

One of my neighbors bought his wife a lovely snow plow blade that he attached to the front of her three wheel bicycle.
He said that way she can get her exercise and do "something productive" at the same time. Ouch.
I'm just wondering if I can hook up a snow plow blade to my Hoveround. But I'm afraid I might down in the snow.

I thought I was bad because whenever I buy a new coat I wear it inside the first day that I get it. I'm talking
regardless of whether or not it's a winter coat in summer. But I have to laugh when I see these people on tv wearing leather jackets.
Like right now I'm watching ShopNBC and the showhost dude is wearing a turtle neck sweater and a leather coat. WTH? What's funny
too is they're pimping sheets and the lady's like, "If you want a really romantic look, put on all ivory sheets." Oh like the guys will
even notice when they're flat on their backs getting their cocks sucked.

Damn DISH. Once again I'd like to give it a pitch right out the window. I tried to tape Texas SWAT last night on Court TV--or
whatever new SWAT show was on last night--and all I got was an hour of the signal error.

When he finally posts it, you can read my update on South's page here.

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