Friday, January 13, 2006

Read some Byron, Shelly and Keats Recited it over a Hip-Hop beat

Goddess' Hot Cop O'The Week Awards go to: Sgt. Mark Saunders and Off. Richard Bulette of the San Diego PD,
as seen on the new Beach Patrol show on Court TV.
Officer Bulette particularly impressed me with his no nonsense attitude. Sigh. I'll bet guys like that are really great in the sack.

I was disappointed in two new shows on Court TV. Yes, I'm difficult to please, but on the other hand, when I like something, you know it's good.
Beach Patrol is kind like Mardi Gras meets the Beach. Eh, and we all know how much I hate those Mardi Gras COPS eps. Instead of following one incident through to it's conclusion, the show jumps around and comes back to the segment several times throughout the half hour. I didn't like that.
Also disappointing was Hot Pursuit. Basically it's just World's Wildest Police Vids minus that annoying John Bunnell. But it still featured some of the dumb rhetoric like, "A drunk driver runs into the wrong police officer." There's a RIGHT police officer to run into when you're drunk off your ass?
But what really annoyed me about this show is that they were showing old footage from '96 and '99. Surely there have been more recent car chases.

Hmm, apparently I have a lot of fans of the movie The Constant Gardener reading this journal...

So Angelina is preggers with Brad's kid. Comes as no great surprise.
I mean I *knew* there was a reason she was allowing him to adopt her children.
I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they're already married. I love the big news story
on Yahoo about Jennifer Aniston not being told before the press found out.
They're not married any longer. He's not obligated to tell her.

Alex sent me the link to a story about a Missouri woman who held the cops at bay with a stun gun all the while undressing in
front of them. He asked me if I had been in Missouri anytime recently.
Yeah, cuz threatening the cops while I undress is pretty much the only way I can get them to watch...

When is that idiot Pat Robertson going to wise up and understand that God is NOT the vindictive one?
He has now apologized for his stupid comments that Sharon's stroke is due to punishment from God because he pulled Israel out of the Gaza Strip. If that's the case, why wasn't Saddam sticken with a horrible disease? Why didn't Hitler have a crippling stroke? Maybe the stroke had something to do with the fact that Sharon is elderly and overweight? No, let's blame God. We're quite capable of screwing things up ourselves, thank you very much.

Gawd, those NYPD blue guys get cleverer and cleverer all the time, as evidenced by this story about a guy who allegedly
stole $10k and hid it up his sleeve. Well who knew the cops would check THERE?!

And I don't know what exact sex toy they were talking about in this story, but if it's big enough to cause an injury that requires stitches, I WANT ONE!!!


Mim RedBeard said...

He asked me if I had been in Missouri anytime recently

I live in Missouri Goddess, and I would gladly give you a couch to sleep on and take you to all the spots here, where I know cops hang out.
I even have a friend who is a 911 operator she could get you inside the cop shop to put on a show...

Goddess said...

I hate to be the cause of a police officer sobbing