Sunday, January 15, 2006

a piece of my passion

YAY, STEELERS!!! That's what the Colts get for trying to fuck with our Terrible Towels.
NOOOOOOOOOOW aren't you sorry you didn't pick the Steelers, Zal??
What an EXCELLENT game, despite the fact that the refs screwed the Steelers more than once.
Mr. G kept calling me on the phone, yelling "Son of a BITCH! This game is fixed!"
The Steelers dominated all the way up until the last 15 minutes or so of the game. But they pulled it out. YAY!!
I loved the couple standing in front of Jerome Bettis' parents. LOL.
A more pissed off, discouraged couple of Colts fans you couldn't have found.

Goddess' Hot Cop O'The Week Award goes to: Officer Jason Hensen of Las Vegas, Nevada.

I love the Silver Bullet/Love Train commercials from Coors Light. I really like the one where people are sitting in the stadium sweating like pigs and
the train roars on through, bringing with it the snow. It's refreshing. . And the Dr Pepper ads set to the song 'I Would Do Anything For Love" that shows a guy buying tampax for his gf.

Live Journal is ticking me off with this password bullshit. I've had the same password for as long as
I can remember--months and months--and suddenly I keep getting this message that my account has been frozen and I
have to change my password. THEN once I change it, THEY'LL let me know if it's acceptable. Fuck them.

According to an poll in Ladies Home Journal, 70% of us talk baby talk to our pets. No word on how many of us scream at them till our ears bleed.

Mr. G is on a campaign to convince me that Jared from the Subway commercials is gay. Every time the commercials
come on, he goes, "Don't you SEE it? How can you not SEE it?!"

Eminem remarried his ex-wife. Yes, the same one he was in a bitter divorce fight with four years ago. Yes, the same one he's been bitching about in his songs.
Yes, the same one he fantasized about killing in the song, "Kim," using such lovely lyrics as "Don't you get it bitch, no one can hear you?
Now shut the fuck up and get what's comin to you
You were supposed to love me
{*Kim choking*}
Awww. Isn't it sweet how much he loves her? I think they're gonna make it this time.
Proving that the line between love and hate is not only thin, it's anorexic-ly thin. Or that some people don't learn from their mistakes...

I got so fed up with Overtime Hawg changing days off with me, that I played a dirty little trick on her. Sorta. Kinda. I worked Sunday and Monday of last week because she said she was sick and she was going to go to the hospital, blah blah, but she never went because she wanted to get her farking NAILS DONE on Saturday and she was afraid they'd keep her. Friday night around 11:30, I checked my voice mail messages and the boss said that Overtime Hawg was in the hospital and would I come out the next morning and work for her? I thought about it and decided that I had had enough. She had ample opportunity to go to the hospital during the week, she screwed up my week as it was and Mr G and I hadn't had a day off together in weeks because of her constantly fucking up my schedule. Anytime anyone else is sick, she's pushing them to stay home so she can get their hours, but when it's HER turn, she just changes days with me and loses nothing. Not that I want her to lose time, but my point is she thinks she can fuck with my schedule any damn time she feels like it and I've had it. I also knew that if the boss had to fill in for her a time or two, this shit would stop. I knew if I didn't change with her, she'd lose the hours. So I ignored the call. Saturday afternoon I called out to work and apologized to the boss, saying I had been at my sister's on Friday and stayed overnight. Apparently the boss didn't take long to get tired of this shift changing shit. Overtime Hawg was so incredibly sick that they were going to keep her in the hospital when she called the boss at 10 p.m., yet an hour later she called back and said she was fine and ready to come to work. Surprisingly the boss said NO. She told her she had already made other arrangements and for her to stay home. Well Overtime Hawd ASSumed *I* was the "other arrangements" so she agreed to stay home. When she called the next day and found out she'd just lost 8 hours, it was quite a different story. She told the boss she would come out and work the afternoon hours, but again the boss told her "no," she had to stay home. I didn't want her to lose money, but I'm tired of her using me all the time. If I ask her for one favor, she immediately asks me for three favors, and since Female Offspring #1 has her own car, I haven't needed to ask to switch schedules for months.
I also decided that next Christmas I am "going out of town." I am not going to be available to switch days around a holiday anymore.
I work the 4th of July again this year as well as...sigh..Thanksgiving. But I have Chrismas Eve & Christmas Day off again, as it stands.
Overtime Hawg called me the other day at home and among other things, said "I like you and I know you like me." I must have some fucked up love mojo. The people I like don't know I like them, and the people I can't stand think I like them

Damn MSN pisses me off. Sure they're featuring cop blogs today. When are they going to feature trailer trash blogs???

The Colts Organization is lame. They're trying to limit the number of Terrible Towels in the stands at the
playoff game on Sunday, so they're passing out 60k towels of their own. Well, I hope they're super
absorbent to dry the tears of the LOSER COLTS FANS!!!

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